Yekaterina CELTA Testimonial

It is impossible to pack a 4-week adventure into a couple of sentences, but what first comes to mind is the depth and thoroughness of the CELTA course. I got practical teaching tools from the moment I stepped into the classroom on my first day at the Teacher Training Center in Cape Town.

Another thing that adds to how well the CELTA course is thought out is the everyday routine of self-evaluation, which truly makes you grow with each lesson you teach. And last but not least are the CELTA tutors; in Russian we have a proverb – “it is not the place that decorates the person, but the person that decorates the place.

Name: Yekaterina Makarova
Nationality: Russia
Course Type: CELTA
Course Location: Cape Town
My Rating:
Cape Town, CELTA, CELTA Cape Town

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