CELTA Review Wellington

This course was effective in giving me practical experience, which I could build on previous theoretical understanding. Despite having a sound understanding of the theory of language acquisition I certainly would not have been confident to teach a class before doing this course. I am not yet employed in a teaching role but have used many of the skills I’ve learned in my current work in education research. The tutors set high standards and provided sufficient guidance to allow us to succeed. They offered this through highly engaging discovery style learning experiences. I was fortunate to be in a hardworking and critically minded cohort of learners where we all supported and helped each other. The learners we worked with provided a moderate range of challenge for us, though we will need to adapt our practice for learners with much lower levels of English language competence. However, I think we gained enough knowledge to be able to work towards this ourselves. One would of course always hope to be employed in a supportive work environment. I found the time-frame made for an intensive and demanding period of work but found this an advantage as it enabled me to fit it around other work and family commitments. Overall, I would recommend this course to anyone wanting practical guidance and experience to begin teaching English as a second language.

Name: Eliza de Waal
Nationality: New Zealand
Course Type: CELTA
Course Location: Wellington
My Rating:
CELTA, CELTA Wellington, Wellington

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