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I really enjoyed the course given by the Warsaw center. Milada and and Beata were excellent tutors and really showed care in everything we had to do and in helping us succeed. I was very impressed with how professional things were organized, from day-to-day communications to assignment briefings and tutoring. I’m truly satisfied with the course being 100% online under a part-time scheme. This worked perfectly for me. I had only wished that the circumstances allowed for some on-site learning and meeting other candidates. I think that’s what any students would miss or long for to some extent, even if it’s just a one- or two-day workshop.

I learned a lot in this entire process and journey, not only about teaching English but also about self-development through identifying my own strengths and weaknesses in teaching, thanks to all the tutors.

I definitely had many take-aways, and I’m just very glad I chose the Warsaw center. Thank you for everything, Milada, Beata, and Sarah. ūüôā

Nationality: United States
Course Type: CELTA - Online Part Time
Course Location: CELTA Online
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