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Studying for the Young Learners course at the teacher training centre in Palermo was extremely rewarding and useful. The input sessions gave me insight into the world of young learners, and also offered me plenty of practical ideas for the classroom: most of which I used straight away in my lessons. This included games and activities for skills and language lessons, and also methods for classroom management.

The course is definitely hard work but the ideas it gave me and the valuable feedback I received from the tutors on my lessons made it really worthwhile. The tutors, made the input sessions very engaging and they were always very supportive and full of good ideas.

The language centre is full of resources to use and has really friendly staff. I studied the course while teaching and felt the course complemented my job well. I used the computers to complete my portfolio work, and used the numerous books to get ideas for lessons. The classrooms also have computers and interactive whiteboards to use.

I fully recommend the course – I don’t think I could teach kids without it!

Name: Katie Mason
Course Type: Young Learners
Course Location: Palermo
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