Review for Florence, Italy

I found this course extremely useful and interesting!

I would like to point out, though, that the Course Units to be completed throughout the course sometimes tend to get boring, repetitive or the topics come up late (for example, the unit about using authentic materials came up much later than the deadline for assignment 3…). Besides, they are based on videos, audios and writings. I know it is difficult to do it otherwise, being it online, but this does not take learners types into account. For example, I am mostly a verbal learner, and all those videos and audios are more helpful to visual and auditory learners. To me, concentrating on so many audios required some really hard work.

Anyway, I will definitely recommend the course, because I really learned a lot.

Name: Sonia Marinelli
Nationality: Italia
Course Type: CELTA - Online Part Time
Course Location: CELTA Online
My Rating:
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