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I am very pleased that I decided to do the CELTA course at the training centre in Sofia. The centre, tutors and whole structure of the course exceeded my expectations.
I learnt so much about teaching English, lesson planning, being organised, and about the warm and friendly nature of Bulgarians and their enthusiasm for learning English. There was never an issue with getting enough students in to make a class viable as they were all so keen.

I gained a lot from observing my fellow colleagues, who were all talented and fun to be with. We received all the support we needed from the very experienced and calm natured tutors, and we were also encouraged to work independently and take risks with our teaching.

The course was challenging, but very rewarding. Once past the first two weeks the pressure eased because everything I had been taught from input sessions and teaching practice feedback began to fit into place.

Name: Grace Davies
Nationality: United Kingdom
Course Type: CELTA
Course Location: Sofia
My Rating:
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