No doubt about it, CELTA is intense. The days are long and the evenings are equally as long as you need to complete lesson plans and assignments in your own time. Be prepared to have very little sleep or social life.
But, the reward far out ways the time and effort you have to invest.
I came to CELTA with no teaching experience. I was a Finance Manager for 30 years and then I was made redundant. As a native English speaker living in Prague for the last 7 years I decided to change career and become a teacher of English as a foreign language.
CELTA supports you all the way to the end. The tutors are really supportive and want you to pass. They give you all the encouragement and advice you need to get through the course. The Prague centre is well equipped. The classrooms are large and have sufficient facilities and the library has all the books you will need and enough PC’s for everyone.
The course is very well organised and structured. You conduct lessons yourself, you observe lessons and the afternoons is dedicated to teaching methodologies and approaches. There is so much to learn!
I am really pleased that I chose CELTA.

Name: Steven Clements
Nationality: England
Course Type: CELTA - Full Time
Course Location: Prague
My Rating:
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