Athena Pallas CELTA Testimonial

I am thankful that I was accepted onto the CELTA course. I have been teaching English for few years, and I really enjoy teaching. However, everyone has his own problem to deal with, and so do I. Soon, I knew that CELTA course could be a great solution to my problems according to a few friends’ experiences.

After I joined the course, it proved that my judgement was absolutely right. Here, I had Denise, Claire and David as my instructors. They are, no doubt, the best teachers ever! They are not only professional but also encouraging and caring.

The CELTA course is intense, especially for a non-native speaker like me. I was very stressed while I was getting it done, and I cried so many times. When I was in my down moment, these three amazing teachers always helped me get through it. Also, they observed each teaching practice of mine carefully and discussed it with me in detail. This certainly has upgraded me to a well prepared teacher.

Although I didn’t study University abroad or live in an English-speaking country for many years, I was hired immediately when I showed the company my CELTA certificate. I have applied so many skills that I have learnt from Denise, Claire and David on my lessons, and my students always have so much fun while they are learning English in my classroom. Moreover, the company that I am working at even wants to promote me to be a teaching supervisor. Besides, getting back to CELTA, a part of the professional knowledge, I have met so many brilliant peer-teachers here as well, and we are still in touch with each other.

Name: Athena Pallas
Nationality: Taiwan
Course Type: CELTA
Course Location: Sydney
My Rating:
CELTA, CELTA Sydney, Sydney

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