Though I’ve been teaching for several years, I enjoyed the course immensely. From start to finish, every day was challenging yet enriching. This is definitely not a course for someone who isn’t willing to work hard or put in the time and effort, though. With the proximity of teaching practices, assignments and input sessions, the intensive workload makes this course quite difficult, but not impossible.

The tutors were tremendously supportive and encouraging. They were always easy to contact and answered any questions we had about the course, assignments, our performance and our progress. They were very friendly, professional and respectful.

The teaching practice was a fantastic experience. The CELTA course teaching practices involve real language learners from a variety of ages, backgrounds and skill sets, all of which created a more realistic teaching environment. To be honest, I found teaching practice nerve wracking yet extremely valuable in identifying not only my weaknesses but also my strengths. I found the tutors’ guidance and instruction extremely insightful and helpful. The teaching tools I gained in the course can be applied across different teaching contexts and are useful for new and experienced teachers alike. As someone who works in both teaching and administration, the peer feedback sessions provided great practice for giving constructive coaching.

Most of the input sessions were interesting and informative, especially towards the end of the lesson, when we had the opportunity to stand in front of the class and practise micro-teaching, presenting vocabulary, drilling, giving instructions, and other techniques we could then more easily apply in the classroom. I would have liked to have done this more at the beginning of the course.

The location of the school is in the modern, safe, bustling district of Kobe and the facilities are clean and comfortable. There are printers (black and white) which, though not the most reliable at times, work well enough. There’s also a projector with connector cables, large whiteboards and markers, and the tutors and staff were super accommodating–if we needed any supplies that were within reason, they were happy to provide them.

Overall, I’m really happy I decided to take this course and recommend it to anyone who is willing to work hard and is seriously interested in teaching languages.

Name: Rachel Patterson
Nationality: The United States of America
Course Type: CELTA - Full Time
Course Location: Kobe
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