Henika CELTA Testimonial

The facilities at the centre were very good. There was an IT lab with computers and a printer, copier and scanner available at all times. The receptionists were great in helping too. In the classroom, we had the help of a projector as a visual aid as well as the whiteboard. I would advise those who use mac to take a HDMI adaptor along with them as the school do not have this if you intend on doing presentations or showing videos etc.

The tutors, Dean and Stephen went above and beyond expectations. They gave constructive feedback throughout the course which was very helpful. Their input sessions were engaging and Dean even tailored a ‘finding a job’ session as per my request earlier in the course. I felt very supported throughout the course.

The incremental steps of what is expected in your teaching each week really help you to grow as a teacher – whether you’ve taught before or not. Also, observing others lessons is just as useful. I think the set up of the day with input sessions, feedback, TP’s and lesson planning is very well constructed. The written assignments although not included in the final mark, are very useful as an exercise for the course as they all have an intended aim which will be useful during the month or for your teaching afterwards.

The course has really shown me that English language teaching is something that I am passionate about and would like to pursue in the future.

I would certainly recommend taking the course. My advice would be to keep on top of your work. If you are given your TP’s in advance, have a look at them and try to prepare your materials ready for your lesson planning. I found this really useful as I could cut and change anything that needed to be after discussion with the tutor and it eased my workload after the day had finished if everything was ready or needed only slight adjustments. Do not be afraid to ask your tutors questions, no matter how small. They’re there to help and have years of useful materials and advice to share with you! Make use of it.

I am currently looking to gain experience before the new teaching year. I am also looking at teaching online for the moment.

Name: Henika Patel
Nationality: United Kingdom
Course Type: CELTA
Course Location: Wroclaw
My Rating:
CELTA, CELTA Wroclaw, Wroclaw

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