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The idea of teaching English was planted in my brain a few years before I actually did the CELTA course. I had been traveling for a few years around the world working odd jobs and after a while I started to feel like I need to have an actual, respectable profession – otherwise I was afraid I’d just end up drifting around aimlessly.

A friend of mine went to teach English in South East Asia and she loved it, so when my traveling was in a sort of crossroads and I couldn’t see clearly what I wanted to do next, it came to me: I want to teach English. I decided that my next step would be to get a certificate: something that none of my friends who were already teaching English abroad did have. But I figured if I had a certificate it would open more doors for me.

To be honest I had never thought about teaching as a career: I have always been a people person but also impatient and happy-go-lucky, sort of a careless vagabond. I wondered if I would infact be a good teacher. But I figured to give it a go – and I have not once regretted that decision.

I Googled English teaching courses and found out about CELTA. I loved the fact that though I was living in New Zealand at the time, I could just pick and choose which ever school I wanted to around the globe! Ireland had always tickled my fancy so I decided to apply there. Now, I have to confess that since the course was way more expensive than I had originally thought it would be, I figured I would just have to show up to lectures and after four weeks they would simply give me a nice little certificate in exchange for the good money I paid them. Well, I can tell you I was greatly mistaken!

The first indication of how intense the CELTA course would be was the phone (Skype) interview I had. It was so professional and during our 30 minute interview I was shot with such tough questions that I felt pearls of sweat on my forehead! When at the end of the interview they told me that they would have a look at my application and get back to me the next day to let me know if I’m accepted or not, I realised that this CELTA course is not a little holiday to Ireland. The trainer was great from the beginning: they told me honestly about the hard work the course included; about the home work, the lectures and the actual classes that the participants like myself would be having for REAL students. I admit when I left to Dublin I was quite nervous; could I actually do this?

I have nothing but great things to say about the CELTA course itself: the tutors Brendan and Gerry were top notch professionals, the course itself was organised well and also my fellow CELTA teacher students were a great bunch; we had a good team mentality throughout the intensive four weeks.

I won’t lie: The CELTA course was one of the most intense, hardest things I have done in my life but I am so happy I did it!

CELTA opens up doors and after getting my cerfiticate it only took a few weeks since I had a teaching job in Henan province in China. I felt like CELTA prepared me to walk confidently into the classroom and gave me plenty of tools to use in my teaching. I plan on continuing my world travels for many many years to come – and I think CELTA will make it a lot easier for me along the way. THANK YOU Brendan and Gerry and the whole team in Dublin!

Name: Jenni Silvola
Nationality: Finland
Course Type: CELTA
Course Location: Dublin (Temple Bar)
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