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CELTA course has been an amazing experience! It has given me the confidence in teaching and it literally helped me to find myself in the world of ESL! It was particularly helpful in lesson planning, thinking of classroom management and creating the activities for the students in order to build their curiosity and strengthen their speaking skills in English. It was a great opportunity to reflex on my own strengths and weaknesses and learn a big deal from the tutors and my colleagues and last, but not least, from my own mistakes.

I liked that the course is designed for people who don’t have any teaching experience or hold any degree in English or teaching. Everybody regardless of his/her experience started from the scratch and was taught from the very basics of what teaching is, what the methods are or what the lesson stages are.

The course was really intense and at the beginning, it seemed like a never-ending story with all the assignments and lesson plans. However, by the end of the course, it felt very short and sad to leave all this all, including the intense schedule, the students we taught, tutors, wonderful colleagues, and Prague.

I would definitely recommend the course for those who are serious about teaching and don’t mind pushing through their limits. It’s hard but manageable and it’s worth! Not only does it provide with the renowned Cambridge certificate, teaches how to teach and offers great knowledge resources from the tutors and colleagues, but it also helps to get to know wonderful people and make nice friends from all around the world.

Name: Jana Grajcarova
Nationality: Slovakia
Course Type: CELTA
Course Location: Prague
My Rating:
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