Marzieh CELTA Istanbul

Actually, CELTA changed my teaching techniques and concepts to a new path. I am definitely well-prepared, confident and ready to start teaching and applying what I have learned.

I could not be any more satisfied with my all tutors, especially Liz and Majid. Also, Huss was supportive and helpful too. They have been unbelievably inspiring, motivating, helpful and understanding. They were knowledgeable and very professional. They taught us very well and were always listening and putting great efforts into helping us understand and completely learn new concepts according to the teaching field. They have definitely left a lifelong touch on my career and heart.

Time organization is the key. Never put anything to the last minute. Take your time when preparing the assignments and lesson plannings. Learn to switch fast from the student mood to the teacher character. I would advise new people to be resilient and work very hard. But the most important thing that they really should follow to pass the course, is to listen to the tutor’s feedback and advice carefully because their advice is the basis of our success.

The classrooms were well-equipped and comfortable for all teachers. But the size of the library is small and equipment not enough for all teachers. The centre itself and the classrooms sizes were smaller and less comfortable than expected from a Cambridge connected course.

Name: Marzieh Abedi Dariani
Nationality: Iran
Course Type: CELTA
Course Location: Istanbul (Levent)
My Rating:
CELTA, CELTA Istanbul, Istanbul (Levent)

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