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Having researched numerous TEFL courses I eventually decided on CELTA, even though its primary description as “a 4-week intensive course” seemed a little daunting. While this description is not to be understated, the workload is far from unmanageable, merely a rearranging of priorities for a month, less socialising and possibly some sleeping.

Class numbers were small meaning we were really valued as individuals and no question was too trivial. It’s not a competitive course therefore everyone was very supportive of each other – you were never short of offers for help in lesson preparation, cutting and gluing take much longer than you realise! As a newcomer to teaching, the ratio of time spent lesson planning to time spent teaching seemed somewhat perverse but with experience this should naturally lessen.

Our wonderful tutors were in one word, exceptional. Their knowledge was invaluable and their constant encouragement uplifting, as they more than anyone understood just how tough the course can be. During our feedback sessions they, along with our fellow CELTA classmates always offered the perfect definition of constructive criticism.

Whilst we were students on our own journey we were also assisting our students on theirs; made all the easier because of their keenness to learn, willingness to try and never being short of laughter. They represented a microcosm of the world: in age, background and country, with English as their common medium. Naturally moments occurred leaving you at a total loss for how to explain something (questions can come from anywhere!) but time and experience will again be the natural remedy.

A big thank you for a fantastic course, with the CELTA qualification in hand the world is now truly at my feet.

Name: Sam Denman
Nationality: United Kingdom
Course Type: CELTA
Course Location: Wellington
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CELTA, CELTA Wellington, Wellington

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