Mikhaila CELTA Testimonial

The facilities were up-to-date, and the library was well-stocked. The tutors differed in terms of their teaching and tutoring styles, and gave just enough support to the student teachers. They were both highly skilled and experienced, and this was evident from our teaching practice feedback sessions.

Despite having a PGCE and having taught English previously, this course helped me to identify problems with my teaching methodology. I was able to begin improving on these problems during the course, and in the future I will continue to use the lesson frameworks we learned about on the course.

If you’re planning to take this course focus your energy on the course! You will spend a large portion of your evenings working on assignments and lesson plans, and if you have other commitments your progress will halt. Additionally, if your grammar is weak, prepare yourself by doing some reading on grammar – you will have very little to no time available on the course to focus on fundamental grammar issues.

After working for a few years I would like to pursue the DELTA.

Name: Mikhaila Job
Nationality: South Africa
Course Type: CELTA
Course Location: Cape Town (CBD)
My Rating:
Cape Town, CELTA, CELTA Cape Town

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