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There are currently no courses available via this location.
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About the DELTA

The DELTA is the Cambridge Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults, one of the world’s foremost qualifications for experienced TEFL professionals. It is a comprehensive training programme and is ideal for those wishing to acquire new insights and a deeper understanding of English Language Teaching (ELT). This advanced training includes teaching practice, lesson observations and supervised teaching assignments. The DELTA offers a well-proven fast track to professional recognition and can open-up new careers in teacher training, school management, TESOL publishing as well as many other ELT career paths.

The DELTA course is a modular course comprising three modules. Candidates may choose to enter a single module or any combination of modules. The three modules can be taken in any order. You can find out more about each module by clicking here. It is worth noting that you get a separate certificate for each module you complete. However, you only receive the full DELTA qualification after successfully completing all three modules. You can take the modules in any order. In terms of the timing, there is not a set time limit to complete all three modules.

The Cambridge DELTA Diploma is in most countries equivalent to a Masters’ Degree level qualification.

Minimum Entry Requirements for the DELTA Modules

The DELTA Course is intended for experienced teachers. Meaning teachers who wish to extend their professional experience and accept new responsibilities. The DELTA does not only demonstrates a commitment to the profession but also proof of ability.

It is open to people from all language backgrounds. All participants must have native speaker proficiency, written and spoken, that enables them to follow the course and complete all assessed and non-assessed elements successfully.

Ideally, applicants should:

  • have at least one years’ full time (1,200 hours) experience of teaching English to a variety of levels within the past five years.
  • be able to prove a range of teaching experience in different contexts and at different levels.
  • be a graduate and have an initial teaching qualification (i.e. CELTA, Trinity Cert TESOL or equivalent)
  • have a standard of English which will enable you to teach at a range of levels (native-speaker proficiency, such as C2, CPE or IELTS 8+)

We may still accept applicants if they do not strictly meet these requirements but can demonstrate that they would be likely to complete the course successfully. If you’re unsure about your eligibility, get in contact with one of our DELTA experts or take our DELTA eligibility test to get more information.

Am I eligible to take the Cambridge DELTA?

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CELTA Course

DELTA Modules via Malaga, Spain

You can see the DELTA Modules offered by the centre in Malaga in different formats (online, face-to-face or mixed) outlined in the course dates table above. Please check below to find out a little more information regarding both the modules and the formats available. Remember, you can take the three DELTA modules in any order.

DELTA Modules:

Key points (all three modules include a focus both on theory and practice)

Module 1

  • ‘Understanding Language, Methodology and Resources for Teaching’
  • Assessment through written examination
  • Exams can be taken in June or December
  • You can take the exam in any Cambridge Examination Centre around the world, not necessarily the same location through which you took the course

Module 2

  • ‘Developing Professional Practice’
  • Assessment through a portfolio of coursework
  • Focuses more on practical teaching and observation

Module 3

  • Options are either: ‘Extending Practice’ and ELT Specialism’ or ‘English Language Teaching Management’
  • Assessment through written assignment
  • Assignment submission in June or December



  • The classes are delivered via a video conferencing platform (e.g. Zoom)
  • Live classes
  • Important to take the centre’s time zone into consideration


  • Classes will be taken at a physical classroom in a location

On Demand

  • Start date to be agreed between candidate and tutor
  • Flexible
  • Important to take the centre’s time zone into consideration

DELTA Course Content, Syllabus and other information

You can find out more about the DELTA course content, syllabus and other information via this page.

Finding a TEFL Job after your DELTA course

After you have become DELTA-qualified by successfully completing all three DELTA modules you will doubtless be looking at potential new roles. The DELTA provides you with a range of new career options including school management and is also a key step towards becoming a CELTA tutor.

As a StudyCELTA trainee, you will be able to sign up for free to our TEFL jobs website TEFLwork is a platform only for qualified English teachers and will allow you to find work both at home and abroad with your newly gained DELTA certificate.

How to apply for a DELTA Module via Malaga, Spain

If you believe you meet the requirements to do a DELTA Module, please complete our online application form. After completing your application form and any necessary pre-interview tasks your application will be assessed and if all is satisfactory, you will be invited to an interview with the DELTA Course Tutor, which can be conducted in person or via video conferencing.

Please note, when emailing the documents, attaching an updated version of your CV, a scanned copy of the initial TEFL qualification (e.g. CELTA) and of any other relevant qualifications (e.g. Bachelor Degree) is also necessary.

Once the interview is completed, if successful, you will receive an acceptance letter from the school to confirm the place in your course. It is important to note that your place on a course is not confirmed until you have been formally accepted and have also paid a non-refundable deposit.

Enrolment conditions

Before paying your DELTA course fees, please be sure to read the terms and conditions (including any cancellation or refund policies) that should be sent to you by the centre. If you have not received these terms and conditions at this stage, please be sure to contact the centre to request them.