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About the Training Centre in Odessa, Ukraine

The teacher training centre is located right in the heart of Odessa, within walking distance of all of Odessa’s major attractions such as the Opera House and the Potemkin Steps. The school itself is well- equipped with 12 classrooms as well as a spacious office area and a large teachers’ room. During the course all candidates will have access to computers and our well-stocked CELTA library.

Teacher Trainers in Odessa

Odessa CELTA Tutor Bio Odessa CELTA Tutor Bio Odessa Tutor Bio Odessa Tutor Bio

Employment and Job Counselling

The training centre offers employment opportunities in both Kyiv and Odessa to good CELTA candidates. During the CELTA course there is a session on career development and we encourage all candidates to stay in touch after the course has finished.


Find a TEFL Job Post CELTA

As a StudyCELTA trainee, you will be able to sign up for free to our TEFL jobs website www.teflwork.com. TEFLwork is a platform only for qualified English teachers and will allow you to find work both at home and abroad with your newly gained CELTA certificate.

Accommodation in Odessa

The centre can help candidates find suitable accommodation, once they have applied. The price a month ranges from $400 – 700.

Odessa and Surroundings

Odessa has always been a lively seaside resort, but since the events of 2014 it has become the hub of regional tourism with the amount of international tourists increasing year on year. Odessa is a wonderfully cosmopolitan city and this is reflected in the huge range of amazing cafes and restaurants that always seem to be open! The centre is compact, the architecture eclectic and the beaches are easy to get to on foot. Odessa is a great place to spend a month while gaining your CELTA qualification! To find out more about this great spot, check out the Lonely Planet Guide.

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