Teacher Refresher Erasmus Plus

Teacher Refresher Cambridge Erasmus Plus

  • Erasmus Plus centre rated 5/5
  • University of Cambridge accredited
  • Erasmus Plus course offered at University Hospital campus
  • Assistance with accommodation

TESOL for non native English speakersHow to apply for Erasmus Funding

English Level Needed

Primary Teachers and Infants B1. Secondary Teachers B2 +


Fees include breakfast and dinner (half board) + single en-suite accommodation at Homerton College.

Group Savings

Please enquire about group bookings for possible savings.

Course Content: Language and Methodology Refresher Course

This course is designed for teachers of infants (2-5, very young learners), primary (5 - 12, young learners) and secondary.

The main areas of the course include:

  • Improvement of learner engagement
  • Improvements of students' skills and abilities
  • Understanding of how to improve teaching skills
  • How to innovate in the classroom
  • Develop language skills and cultural awareness

Course objectives

  1. To improve confidence in using English in the classroom
  2. To update your methodology, management and practical teaching skills
  3. To look at and improve the content of your own courses
  4. To get new skills and activities for use with your students
  5. To help you make use of new materials
  6. To understand better how you and others work in the classroom
  7. To discuss problems, ideas and language with other from around the world

Course programme

There will be a focus on language improvement and practical methodology through workshops, seminars, lectures, demonstrations, and practice. You will be expected to discuss, experience, practice, observe, reflect, evaluate, feedback, listen, read….and develop and enjoy yourself.

Topics include:

  • Teaching vocabulary
  • Encouraging your students to speak
  • Making grammar fun
  • Helping your students to listen
  • Using songs and games
  • Teaching pronunciation
  • Storytelling

Language Improvement

A main section of the course is dedicated to your improvement as a teacher with the English language.

How to Apply with Erasmus+ Funding:

  1. Choose the course you want to do and contact us
  2. Agree the course with the necessary people at your school
  3. Contact the Erasmus+ office in your country and apply for your funding
  4. We send you the PIC number
  5. Book your course and accommodation
  6. Go to your destination!

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