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  • Erasmus Plus centre rated 5/5
  • University of Cambridge accredited
  • Erasmus Plus course offered at University Hospital campus
  • Assistance with accommodation

TESOL for non native English speakersHow to apply for Erasmus Funding

English Level Needed

B2 +

Accommodation Packages

Package 1: Single en-suite room, breakfast and dinner included

2 week course - £1,825 / €2,300 (for Erasmus+ only)
1 week course - £910 / €1,150 (for Erasmus+ only)

Package 2: Twin en-suite room OR single room with shared bathroom. Both with breakfast and dinner included

2 week course - £1,695 / €2,140 (for Erasmus+ only)
1 week course - £845 / €1,070 (Erasmus+ only)

Package 3: Single en-suite room, self catered

2 week course: £1,695 / €2,140 (for Erasmus+ only)
1 week course - £845 / €1,070 (for Erasmus+ only)

Course Content: Pronunciation and Storytelling: from phonemes to fluency - with Adrian Underhill

Course outcomes

This course description is an overview of the type of content you can expect to cover in this programme. Courses are tailored according to the teaching context of the participants.

This course is ideal for teachers who want to improve their own English language competence and confidence in pronunciation and fluency.  It will allow you to build your confidence in presentation skills, learn new techniques and activities for the teaching of English pronunciation and develop greater insight into the components of spoken fluency and intonation in connected speech embodying insights and competencies from the art of storytelling.

  1. Improve your own English language pronunciation in connected speech
  2. Improve confidence and presentational speaking skills
  3. Understand and develop the components of fluency in speaking
  4. Develop and practice a repertoire of techniques for pronunciation teaching and learning
  5. Develop your ability to engage listeners' attention using storytelling skills

Course description

The Teacher Training Campus academic programme is directed by Jim Scrivener, Head of Teacher Development at the Teacher Training Centre in Cambridge. Jim is a well-known teacher trainer, conference speaker and author of 'Learning Teaching'.  All courses are delivered by our experienced team of trainers, who share their knowledge and expertise through a wide range of teaching techniques. Many of our trainers are also authors and conference speakers including Mary Spratt, David A Hill, Silvana Richardson and Nik Peachey.

The Pronunciation Workout is delivered by Adrian Underhill.  Adrian is a freelance consultant and trainer, series editor of Macmillan Books for Teachers, previous president of IATEFL and author of Sound Foundations and the award winning app Sounds.  He is interested in many areas of ELT including post-heroic approaches to leadership, application of complexity theory to teaching and improvisation in teaching.

This course will focus on a thorough grounding in English pronunciation and daily teaching practice to help you gain confidence and personalise teaching techniques. You will have the opportunity to improve your pronunciation then build on this via the art of storytelling. You will be able to develop the clarity and beauty of your spoken English and consider the multiple ways that stories exist in the language classroom.

Topics typically include:

  • Focus on pronunciation at sound level and word level
  • Focus on connected speech
  • Understanding fluency and the skills required to be fluent
  • Developing presentational speaking skills
  • Experiencing and practising a repertoire of pronunciation teaching and learning techniques

Applying for an Overseas Teacher Refresher Course with Erasmus+ funding:

  1. Select the course that you wish to apply for and discuss your intended application with the person in your school who is responsible for staff development and EU funding (Erasmus+ Coordinator).
  2. Get confirmation of your acceptance on the course and the fees from the host organisation/course provider. Your organisation will need to refer to this letter within the application for funding.
  3. Please inform the host organisation/course provider of your application. They will help with any information regarding their course to enable the application form to be completed successfully.
  4. The applicant organisation needs to register as an applicant organisation on the European Commission Authentication Service (ECAS), if not already registered. (see below for more details)
  5. Inform the host organisation/course provider as soon as you receive the result of your funding application. Up until this point your place on the course is provisionally reserved. Once you confirm that funding has been granted  you can be enrolled on the course and your invoice sent.
  6. Pay as soon as you receive the funds. Only once payment has been received can your place on the course and any accommodation booked be confirmed.

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