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About the Foreign Teachers of English Course

Our two or three-week intensive Foreign Teachers of English (FTE) course enables teachers who already have some experience to gain greater in-depth knowledge of the job and discover the latest teaching techniques.

We want your course to combine the best of both worlds: a chance to brush up your English and discover some new teaching methods and materials for your classes, and have a memorable holiday.

The Foreign Teachers of English course lasts two or more weeks (extra weeks may be added for closed groups on request). Each week will give you a minimum of 21 hours of classroom tuition.

Input includes practical activities, discussions, observations of our expert teachers, pair work, role-play, mini-presentations and more. The activities are designed to be useful for teachers of adults and under-18s ‒ and they are also good for your English! There is a maximum of 15 participants per course.

During the FTE course you have full use of our facilities, including:

  • Our teachers' library
  • Free Wi-Fi internet
  • The study room, stocked with practice materials
  • The students' room

In addition, you will be able to sign up for social programme events with other students. These will help you discover the city of Bristol and its resources with visits and excursions. On Saturdays, we have a full-day trip to a local place of interest, giving you the chance to practise your English.

Aims of the Foreign Teachers of English Course

The main aims are:

  • To familiarise you with modern methodologies that will make your classroom teaching more interactive
  • To focus on different ways of promoting effective learning strategies
  • To evaluate a selection of the latest teaching materials
  • To brush up your idiomatic, natural English
  • To help you discover new aspects of British culture to enrich your teaching

Content of the Foreign Teachers of English Course

The FTE course is practical, informative and fun. Typical sessions include:

  • Working with different learning preferences
  • Using games and warm-ups to promote group dynamics
  • Ways of promoting independent learning
  • Effective group and pair work
  • Aspects of contemporary life and culture
  • Exploiting newspapers, magazines and other authentic materials
  • Creative grammar activities
  • Using dictionaries as a resource, not a reference
  • Reflective practice for pedagogical awareness
  • Effective phonology
  • Vocabulary activities that promote fluency
  • Exploiting classroom projects
  • Expanding your repertoire of homework activities
  • Getting more from your course books
  • Creating posters and display work

To complement our sessions, we’ll also give you descriptions of other teaching activities for you to take away and use in your own classroom.

Contact us today to discuss our Foreign Teachers of English course.

Applying for Erasmus + funding to take the Foreign Teachers of English course

About the new EU funding programme: Erasmus +

The European Union's Lifelong Learning Programme changes in 2014.

Erasmus+ is the new programme proposed by the European Commission for education, training, youth and sport starting in 2014 and significantly increasing the funds allocated for the development of knowledge and skills. Erasmus+ helps people regardless of age to increase their personal development, gain new skills and boost their job prospects.

Erasmus+ will have a streamlined structure which will improve effectiveness, which means more grants for students, trainees, teachers and others. The benefits for individuals will also bring benefits for the EU economy as a whole.

Tumultuous economic times and the changing EU job market requires a joint EU response: The number of high-skilled jobs is growing while the number of low-skilled jobs is decreasing. It is estimated that by 2020 nearly 35% of all jobs will require high skills, innovation capacity and the ability to adapt. One of the headline targets in the Europe 2020 strategy is to raise higher education attainment to 40% (from 32% now).

The EU has responded with a co-ordinated strategy for growth and jobs called Europe 2020 –education and training are an integral part of this.

Step by Step Guide to applying for Eramsus + funding:

  • Choose the course and dates and check availability with us.
  • Contact your national Erasmus + agency who can answer your questions and provide you with an application form for the funding. For further information: European Commission’s website: http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/index_en.htm
  • Complete the Training Centre in Bristol's registration form; we will reserve a place on the course for you when we receive it.
  • You will receive a letter of acceptance for pre-registration, course information and an (optional) pre-course bibliography and preparatory task, from the training centre.
  • Apply for funding by completing the Erasmus+ application form, attach our acceptance letter and course information and send it to your national agency.
  • Contact us as soon as you hear whether funding has been granted and we will confirm your place on the course*. There is no cancellation fee if you do not receive funding.

*Please note: we can reserve your place until 4 weeks before the start of your course, after that you may need to re-apply.

How to Apply to the Foreign Teachers of English course

If you would like to apply for the Foreign Teachers of English Course, contact us and fill out our short enquiry form asking for the application package, always, mention the course starting date of your interest. Note: The demand for vacancies on these courses is very high. Applicants are advised to apply well in advance before the start of a course, although, occasionally, there could be places available due to last-minute cancellations.

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