Teacher Refresher Erasmus Plus

CLIL Cambridge Erasmus Plus

  • Erasmus Plus centre rated 5/5
  • University of Cambridge accredited
  • Erasmus Plus course offered at University Hospital campus
  • Assistance with accommodation

TESOL for non native English speakersHow to apply for Erasmus Funding

English Level Needed

Primary - Intermediate B1 level and above

Secondary - Upper Intermediate B2 level and above

Accommodation Packages

Package 1: Single en-suite room, breakfast and dinner included

2 week course - £1,825 / €2,300 (for Erasmus+ only)
1 week course - £910 / €1,150 (for Erasmus+ only)

Package 2: Twin en-suite room OR single room with shared bathroom. Both with breakfast and dinner included

2 week course - £1,695 / €2,140 (for Erasmus+ only)
1 week course - £845 / €1,070 (Erasmus+ only)

Package 3: Single en-suite room, self catered

2 week course: £1,695 / €2,140 (for Erasmus+ only)
1 week course - £845 / €1,070 (for Erasmus+ only)

CLIL Content Language Integrated Learning Description

Designed for secondary or primary school teachers who teach subjects (e.g. Science, Maths, History, Geography, Arts and Crafts, Physical Education) wholly or partly in English, or who might do so in the future. Teachers should have a language competence equivalent to the Council of Europe B2 level (intermediate) or above.

This course aims to introduce you to exciting practical ideas for Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) that you can use in your own classroom or teaching context.

CLIL Course outcomes

  1. Improvement of participants’ key competencies and skills for school work.
  2. Opportunity for post-course dissemination of good practice to other teachers in school/locally
  3. Increased understanding of how to foster quality improvements to teaching and learning
  4. Opportunities to develop and disseminate innovative teacher practice for better student engagement
  5. Development of linguistic skills and intercultural awareness
  6. Enhancement of international cooperation and development in education

CLIL Course aims

  • To introduce you to exciting practical ideas for CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) thatyou can use in your own classroom or teaching context.
  • To offer a clear rationale for further exploration in this area.

CLIL Course programme

  • Teacher language development
  • Classroom English
  • Key CLIL methodology
  • Materials evaluation
  • Lesson planning
  • Higher Order Thinking Skills
  • Graphic organisers
  • Analysing task difficulty
  • Different kinds of learner language use (BICS & CALP)
  • Applying Bloom’s Taxonomy to lesson structure
  • Writing frames
  • Question loops
  • Using internet resources for CLIL

Applying for an Overseas Teacher Refresher Course with Erasmus+ funding:

  1. Select the course that you wish to apply for and discuss your intended application with the person in your school who is responsible for staff development and EU funding (Erasmus+ Coordinator).
  2. Get confirmation of your acceptance on the course and the fees from the host organisation/course provider. Your organisation will need to refer to this letter within the application for funding.
  3. Please inform the host organisation/course provider of your application. They will help with any information regarding their course to enable the application form to be completed successfully.
  4. The applicant organisation needs to register as an applicant organisation on the European Commission Authentication Service (ECAS), if not already registered. (see below for more details)
  5. Inform the host organisation/course provider as soon as you receive the result of your funding application. Up until this point your place on the course is provisionally reserved. Once you confirm that funding has been granted  you can be enrolled on the course and your invoice sent.
  6. Pay as soon as you receive the funds. Only once payment has been received can your place on the course and any accommodation booked be confirmed.

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