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About the Centre in Dammam, Saudi Arabia


  • Free WiFi
  • Large bright classrooms with projectors
  • Dedicated computers for the CELTA
  • Onsite Cafe
  • Employment advice from tutors
  • Teachers' resource room
  • Photocopying facilities
  • Parking available

The Dammam teacher training centre is on two levels, with a large lobby and reception area and a café downstairs and the classrooms ad teachers’ lounge are upstairs. Classrooms are large and bright and each one has a computer, data projector and IWB. The school also has 3 computer labs. There is parking directly outside the centre.

Accommodation in Dammam in Saudi Arabia

Once you have applied, the teacher training centre can assist you to find suitable accommodation options within a close proximity. There are apartments nearby which cost about SAR 3,000 per month.

You can also organise your own housing, using websites such as www.airbnb.com and www.booking.com.

Employment in Dammam in Dammam in Saudi Arabia



Find a TEFL Job Post CELTA

As a StudyCELTA trainee, you will be able to sign up for free to our TEFL jobs website www.teflwork.com. TEFLwork is a platform only for qualified English teachers and will allow you to find work both at home and abroad with your newly gained CELTA certificate.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia and Surroundings

Dammam is a coastal city in the Eastern Province. The city has a lot to offer and is well known for being the centre for the oil and gas industries. For more information, see here.

Interview with a Teacher Trainer in Dammam, Saudi Arabia

To find out more about working as teacher in Saudi Arabia and for tips about the CELTA course in general, we speak to Mary Grennan - Head of Teacher Training in Dammam and Galway. Please click here to see more!

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