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About the Young Learners course, La Spezia

The 60-hour young learners course that we offer in La Spezia is one of the most widely recognised teaching programmes worldwide. This is an initial teaching programme geared toward people who have little or no experience teaching young learners, or those who have been teaching but have had no training in this particular field. The course in moderated by the University of Cambridge and the certificate is awarded by the centre itself.

The course is based on teaching practice and lesson evaluation, and is overtly practical in content and approach.

The programme comprises 30 hours of seminars and workshops and 30 hours of teaching practice, teaching practice feedback and assisted lesson preparation.

Young Learners Course Entry Criteria

The course is aimed at teachers that are already qualified with the Cambridge CELTA Certificate and have some post-CELTA teaching experience. The course is accredited by the school itself in La Spezia and moderated by the University of Cambridge.

University of Cambridge CELTA

Young Learners Course Content, La Spezia

Two weeks is obviously a short period of time. This course is meant to give teachers the basic tools to feel comfortable in a Young Learner classroom, although it is assumed that they will continue to develop after completing the course.

Contact hours on the course are divided into input and teaching practice. Input is made up of methodology, looking at such things as:

  • Presentation of language (structure and vocabulary);
  • Practice of these; Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking;
  • the role of the Teachers and Learners;
  • Error and Correction: Use of the Blackboard, Visual Aids etc.

There is also time scheduled for lesson planning when you will be working in your TP (teaching practice) groups, and your tutor will be available to offer help and advice if needed.

The YL course programme is designed to enable candidates to:

  • transfer and apply their awareness of language and knowledge of the description of English from an adult to a young learner context
  • gain an initial understanding of the context within which young learners learn English, their motivations and the roles of the teacher and learner
  • transfer, adapt and apply the principles of effective teaching from an adult to a young learner context
  • transfer, adapt and apply basic skills for teaching English in the classroom from an adult to a young learner context
  • gain an initial awareness of appropriate resources and materials for use with young learners of English for teaching, testing and for reference
  • continue to identify opportunities for their future development as professionals in this field.

Young Learners Course Assessment

Assessment is continual and all components of the course contribute to your success on the course. Any trainee who is borderline or in danger of failing will be informed as soon as this becomes a possibility.

The main assessment on the course is of your teaching practice with each lesson being rated ‘To Standard’ or ‘Below Standard’. Lessons are assessed to a higher standard as the course progresses and more is expected from you – therefore if you continually receive ‘To Standard’ throughout the course, this indicates a general improvement in your teaching overall.

Course requirements and mode of assessment

To meet the course requirements, candidates are required to attend the whole course and to:

  • practice teach classes of the relevant age group and size for a total of four hours (a minimum of six teaching practice occasions divided equally between the age groups)
  • observe experienced teachers teaching classes of young learners for a total of six hours, of which two may be on video
  • maintain and submit a portfolio of all coursework, including all written assignments and materials related to teaching practice.

The assessment will be continuous and integrated.

Continuous here means that:

  • assessment takes place throughout each course.

Integrated here means that:

  • each assessed component contributes to the overall grade
  • any one assessed component can cover a number of topics and objectives in the syllabus.

Component 1: Teaching practice

In this component, candidates are required to practice teach for a total of four hours, working with a minimum of two groups of young learners of different ages and ability levels. Candidates must cover the full age range of the YL course in their teaching practice classes.

By the end of the four hours of assessed teaching practice, candidates should have demonstrated successful achievement of all the teaching practice assessment criteria, detailed on p.33.

Component 2: Written assignments & 2 Tasks

This component consists of two written assignments not less than a total of 1,500 words:

  • one assignment requires reflection on classroom teaching and the identification of action points
  • one assignment explores aspects of the teaching and learning of English at young learner level through a focus on  young learners and learning contexts.31

In addition, candidates complete two tasks, about 450 words in length, as part of their preparation and planning for teaching which focus on:

  • language description and analysis within teaching practice
  • evaluating teaching/learning materials.

The assignments are internally assessed and externally moderated.

Component 3: Candidates' professional development

Specific tasks or assignments are not set to assess this component, but in designing and assessing each of the written assignments and the assessed teaching practice sessions, tutors should include the related syllabus focus and assessment criteria as appropriate.

How to apply for the Young Learners Course in La Spezia

  1. If you believe you cover the minimum entry requirements for the Young Learners course offered in La Spezia ask for the YL course application form indicating the course starting date that interests you the most.
  2. Candidates should complete the application form and return it via email to us well in advance. Late applications will be accepted provided there are places remaining on the course.
  3. The applicants need to include an updated copy of their CV.
  4. Acceptance onto the University of Cambridge Young Learner course at our Training Centre in La Spezia is not automatic or guaranteed.  Applicants must satisfactorily complete the application tasks, and pass a subsequent interview to be accepted.  The decision of the centre is final.
  5. After the interview, all successful applicants will receive an offer of a place on the YL Course of their choice immediately, if there is a place available.
  6. After receiving an offer of place, you will pay a non-refundable deposit, as part of the total fees, in order to secure your vacancy on the course.
  7. Remember that you should not make any payment until you have received an offer of place (by e-mail).
  8. Candidates who are accepted 8 weeks or more prior to the start of the course should ensure that all course fees and accommodation fees are transferred within fifteen working days, to secure their place.
  9. Candidates accepted within 8 weeks of the starting date should transfer fees within ten working days.
  10. Candidates accepted within 4 weeks of the course should transfer funds within 48 hours to avoid the place being re-allocated.
  11. If applicants fail to pay their fees in full by the indicated deadline, their place will be offered to another qualifying applicant.

How to pay for the Young Learner course in La Spezia

Payments (deposit & balance) can be made directly to the School via Bank Transfer.

Please note that you will be responsible for any bank charges, even if you have already paid bank charges in your own country. So please, when paying make sure that the payment to the School is "free of charges" since the School has to receive the whole net amount in EUROS.

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