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About the Teacher Training Centre in Jakarta, Indonesia

The teacher training centre in Jakarta is located just outside of the CBD, near the Bakrie tower and university. It is easily accessible by bus, motorcycle taxi or bajaj (rickshaw) from most parts of the city.

The centre has two large classrooms, and input room equipped with four computers and a printer, a canteen and photocopier. It's located within a large, modern office building near the Rasuna Epicentrum, where there are a range of cafés, restaurants and shops.


Find a TEFL Job Post CELTA

As a StudyCELTA trainee, you will be able to sign up for free to our TEFL jobs website TEFLwork is a platform only for qualified English teachers and will allow you to find work both at home and abroad with your newly gained CELTA certificate.

Accommodation in Jakarta

The teacher training centre in Jakarta offers a variety of different residents, flats and hotels to CELTA trainees. These range in price between 2.6 million (around $190 USD) and 10 million rupiahs ($700 USD) a month, and most include a private or shared kitchen, linen and laundry services.

Airbnb is another great place to look for accommodation for your CELTA in buzzing Jakarta. With low costing apartments to suit every taste and need, the options are infinite! Whether you want a the entire home to yourself with a lush pool, shared accommodation or something a little more simple, you can find it here:

Rooms start from a modest £10 a night to £50 a night for flashier places, what a bargain!

Jakarta and Surroundings

Jakarta is the capital of island nation Indonesia and its largest city, with an ever-growing population of around 10 million. The city is home to a mixture of Indonesian and immigrant culture, as the city’s economic and political importance in the region attracts thousands of working expatriates every year.

The city’s architecture, festivals and music are also heavily influenced by Indonesia’s Dutch and Portuguese colonial past. Jakarta Old Town is home to a number of museums, housed within old colonial buildings.

The city also plays host to several prestigious, international events, such as the Jakarta International Film Festival, the International Java Jazz Festival, and Fashion Week.

The local cuisine is a unique mixture of Sundanese, Javanese, and Malay-Chinese foods, and often heavily features creamy, spicy sauces, meat and fresh produce. It’s easy to pick up a big, cheap serving of rice, meat skewers or dumplings from street vendors on every corner.

It’s easy to get around the city, with a number of different transport options on offer; from regular, public buses, to motorcycle taxis and rickshaws. The city also has a long-distance rail station with connections to a number of other major cities on the island of Java, and an international airport with flights to several international destinations.

Jakarta’s tropical climate means that the weather is warm and humid all year round. During the wet season, from November to February, the monthly rainfall averages about 300 millimetres.

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