Greece is known for its mixture of man and nature made beauty - a gorgeous island with white sandy coves, fishing boats, pretty architecture and of course UNESCO heritage ruins and monuments. Greece has so much to offer, whether it be historical, cultural or artistic - and lets not forget the mouth watering food! Enjoy the beautiful weather while taking a dip in the turquoise sea - what more can you ask for?

By taking the Cambridge CELTA certificate in Greece, you will be acquiring the most widely accepted TEFL in a mesmerising country, full of history and stunning coastlines. The CELTA qualification is an initial qualification for teaching English as a second language. The course content involves practical face-to-face teaching practice, observations of experienced English teachers and input sessions which teach you theory and grammar. The certificate is accredited by Cambridge University, which makes it popular with employers. For more info on the CELTA qualification, please visit our page here.

If you are not sure whether you qualify to take a CELTA, you can take our CELTA Eligibility Test.

To apply for the Cambridge CELTA in Greece, or any of our other amazing locations, please fill in our quick online application form to be assessed. If you have any questions about any of our courses or destinations you can contact us here.

To find out more about stunning Greece, you can click the link to their tourism page here.

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