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Online Young Learners Course

You've trained to teach English and find yourself teaching kids. Teaching English to young learners isn’t just throwing a few games and colouring-in activities to children on top of your teacher training for adults. How can you be effective in a young learner classroom - not just making it enjoyable, but also getting them learning?

Features of our Online Young Learner course:

  • The course bundle is made of seven mini courses
  • See children and teachers in the language classroom
  • Discover how children develop and learn
  • Find out how to create effective learning environments, manage behaviour starting with your own!
  • See the journey of how children transition through to communicating successfully in English
  • Lots of tips and ideas for the classroom and how to engage children
  • Extra bonus material such as templates, downloadables and further reading
1. The Characteristics of Young Learners
2. Listening Skills
3. Speaking Skills
4. Reading Skills
5. Writing Skills
6. Managing the Young Learner Classroom
7. Lesson Planning
8. Bonus Material

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