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These courses are fully online and do not require face-to-face attendance

About Online Delta Module 1

Module 1 of the Cambridge Delta (Diploma in teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is based around a final exam, held two times a year in June and December. 

The Online Delta Module 1 courses offered by our Delta teacher training centres around the world are designed and developed to prepare you for this exam, which primarily focuses on Understanding Language, Methodology and Resources for Teaching.

While the entirety of Delta module 1 can be studied by distance, you will need to travel to a Cambridge-accredited Delta examination centre to take the final exam. This centre could be the accredited centre that is running your online course, or another closer to you. Your Delta tutor and admissions officer can help you find a convenient location to take the exam once you apply for the online course.

Minimum Entry Requirements

The Delta Course is intended for experienced teachers wishing to extend their professional experience and accept new responsibilities, as it not only demonstrates a commitment to the profession, but is also proof of ability. 

It is open to people from all language backgrounds. All participants must have native speaker proficiency, both written and spoken, that enables them to follow the course and complete all assessed and non-assessed elements successfully.

Ideally applicants should:

  • have at least two years' full time (1,200 hours) experience of teaching English to a variety of levels within the past five years.
  • have a range of teaching experience in different contexts and at different levels.
  • be a graduate and have an initial teaching qualification (i.e. CELTA, Trinity Cert TESOL or equivalent)
  • have a standard of English which will enable you to teach at a range of levels (native-speaker proficiency, such as C2, CPE or IELTS 8+)

We may still accept applicants if they do not strictly meet these requirements but can demonstrate that they would be likely to complete the course successfully. If you're unsure about your eligibility, get in contact with one of our Delta experts, who will assess your profile and let you know if you're eligible to apply.

Delta Module 1 Content

1. Theoretical perspectives on language acquisition and language teaching

  • Historical and current theories of first and second language acquisition
  • How these theories influence teaching methodologies.

2. Different teaching approaches and methodologies, including current developments

  • Teaching methodologies, both mainstream and experimental
  • The effectiveness of these methodologies in different learning environments.

3. Language systems and learners’ linguistic problems

  • Features of language systems (e.g. meaning, form, pronunciation and use)
  • Teaching methodology choices in language systems.

4. Language skills and learners’ problems

  • Features of language skills (e.g. the subskills and strategies needed by learners)
  • Teaching methodology choices in language skills.

5. Knowledge of resources, materials and reference sources for language learning

  • The practical uses of a range of resources in a range of teaching contexts.

6. Key assessment concepts and terminology

  • How to apply key assessment principles, such as validity and reliability, to classroom-based assessment.

For a full copy of the Delta syllabus, get in touch with one of our Delta experts.

How to Choose an Accredited Online Delta Module 1 Centre

While the courses listed here are 100% online, your Delta tutor and the accreditted centre are in a specific, physical location. You should choose which accredited centre to take the course through based on several factors, such as time zones, dates, the intensity of each course, and its structure. A further explanation about each accredited centre can be found below.

For Module 1, you will need to attend a Cambridge examination centre to take the exam, which is held every June and December. This could be your online course's accredited centre, or another centre closer to you. Once you apply for an online Delta course, your Delta admissions officer and tutor can help you decide on an examination centre that is convenient for you.

You do not have to attend the accredited centre to take the online Delta course; it can be taken by distance from anywhere in the world.

About The Accredited Centres


The accredited centre in Seville is one of the longest-running and most successful Spanish language schools in Spain, and one of the largest English language teaching centres in Andalucía.

The Teacher Training centre was approved by the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES) as a centre for Cambridge courses in 1998.

All trainers on the online Delta courses have been accepted by UCLES after having undergone an extensive trainer-in-training programme. Tutors are all practising teachers of English who divide their time between teaching and teacher training. 

They are highly qualified and experienced both as teachers and trainers and themselves take part in ongoing training programmes, such as attending conferences and in-house development sessions, to keep abreast of the cutting edge of the ELT profession.

The online Delta module 1 course offered by the centre in Seville is a sixteen-week online theory and exam preparation course. It’s available to candidates anywhere in Spain or all over the world.

This course consists of 18 modules and prepares you for the Module One written exam offered in June or December. Candidates work on tasks together and independently, with regular input and feedback from tutors. Tasks include exam practice and a full mock exam.

The demand for vacancies on the online Delta courses in Seville is very high. Applicants are advised to apply at least two to three months before the start of a course.


The Delta teacher training centre in Rome was founded more than thirty years ago mainly to cater to the needs of the local schools. It expanded, however, to become the largest in Italy, in response to the growing demand for training courses in both State schools and private institutions.

Over the years, the centre has prepared more than three thousand candidates from all over the world for careers both in Italy and abroad.

All the teacher trainers at the Rome centre have a wide range of teaching and training experience, both in Italy and abroad, and are actively engaged in day‐to‐day English language teaching. 

Some of the trainers are also Cambridge English examiners and assessors

The online Delta Module 1 requires 16 weeks of study, covering 16 online tasks and two mock exams. 


The Delta teacher training centre in Cambridge is one of the most well-known teacher training centres worldwide, and boasts many well-known TEFL authors and thinkers among its tutoring staff.

This centre offers two online Delta Module 1 courses each year. These courses take place entirely online on the learning platform Moodle. Where one course is longer than the other it will include “study weeks” without course input for you to catch up on reading and work.

The course at the Cambridge centre is not the cheapest, but the centre prides itself on providing personal and regular tutor feedback to participants rather than generic ‘group wide’ feedback. 

Each participant can contact their tutor, not an administrator or non-Delta teacher, at any point (Monday to Friday) and ask specific questions about their work.

Although participants must manage their own workload and do the tasks and reading themselves, as with any online provision, the course is fully tutored and does not rely on self-study with occasional guidance. 

Participants find this particularly helpful when a certain area is proving difficult or their exam performance is weaker on some parts of the papers.

The work is based on writing, reading, study and practice exam tasks. It focuses on understanding language, methodology and resources for teaching. The tasks include:

Study Topic - Study one topic area, write a short assignment, read and respond to other people’s assignments and tutor feedback.

Exam Practice Task - Do an exam practice task, read and respond to other people’s tasks and get personal tutor feedback and guidance. You will get a chance to see a large number of different approaches to tasks and be able to read tutors’ feedback on these – all of which can help you improve your own work.

The final units include a revision focus and two mock exams.

Mexico City

The Delta teacher training centre in Mexico City is one of the most highly-respected in the country.

The tutors are highly experienced teachers who have also received CELTA and Delta Trainer accreditation through the University of Cambridge. 

They have completed both the CELTA and Delta qualifications and have many years of both teaching and training experience. Some of them have MAs in TESOL, Teacher Education, Applied Linguistics and ELT.

The online Delta module 1 course via the Mexico City centre is a 10 week-course, delivered via a specially designed website. It consists of eight units to be completed to a set schedule. 

The core course materials covering all aspects of the Cambridge Delta Module 1 syllabus, as well as exam training for all tasks in Papers 1 and 2

You will undertake practice tasks and mock exam with regular feedback from your Online Delta Module 1 Course Tutor. You will have exam practice tasks, read and respond to other people’s tasks and get personal tutor feedback and guidance. 

You will get a chance to see many different approaches to tasks and can read tutors’ feedback on these – all of which can help you improve your own work.

The course also features a dedicated Module 1 discussion forum monitored by the experienced Online Delta Course Tutor Team. There are also dedicated administrative and IT support staff on hand to help you with all aspects of the course and Cambridge assessment

There are a minimum of 15 course hours a week.


The Training Institute in Istanbul is an internationally recognised Cambridge English Teacher Training Centre and the only Cambridge English approved centre for both the CELTA, ICELT and Delta courses in Turkey. They've successfully trained thousands of EFL teachers since first running TESOL courses in Istanbul in 1987.

Through input, projects and exam tasks, the online Delta Module 1 course shows you the kinds of things that can come up in the exam and how you might deal with them so you can work out how much and what you need to study. 

The online Module 1 course consists of ten blocks. Each block includes input on two or three areas that may come up in the exam, encourages you to participate in a group project to explore one of those areas, provides further reading and study ideas, and has one or two exam tasks for you to try. You get individual feedback from a tutor on these last tasks.

Everyone works together on the projects. How much study time you will need will depend on your background knowledge, but it is likely to be a minimum of 10-15 hours a week. 

The course is taught via an online Moodle room, which stays open indefinitely for further self-study (or to catch up with any tasks or activities you missed) until you have passed the exam.


The Delta teacher training centre in Kiev is a well established centre, accredited by Cambridge English Language Assessment to run Delta and also CELTA courses.

The Module 1 Online Delta course includes 8 units which cover all tasks of papers 1 and 2. The course consists of three parts: self-study, exam practice and 4 hours of tutorials via Skype with the course tutor.

You will be provided with reading materials, quizzes, practice papers and regular feedback from the course tutor to help you best prepare for the Module 1 Delta Exam.

How to Apply for the Online Delta Module 1 Course

To apply for online Delta module 1 course, you will need to follow the steps listed below:

  1. Access the online application form here
  2. Select ‘Delta online’ and your module in the course type drop down
  3. Select the accredited centre
  4. Select your desired course dates
  5. Fill out your basic information and submit the form
  6. One of our Delta admissions officers will be in touch within 24 hours, Monday to Friday, with the application documents for you to fill out

Alternatively, you can contact us and let us know which module, course date and accredited centre you’re interested in, and a Delta admissions officer will be in touch with the application documents.

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