TEFL Online Course All Delta Modules
TEFL Online Course All Delta Modules

Online Delta Courses

About the Delta Online Modules Courses

Use this page to research and apply to take the Delta Modules courses online.

Building on our years of experience and expertise with University of Cambridge ESOL teacher training courses. As well as our partnerships with teacher training centres worldwide, StudyCELTA has endeavoured to create one of the most comprehensive online Delta course guides in the world.

On this page, you can find online options for all Delta Modules, without any need to travel. You can see where our Cambridge-accredited centres offering the online Delta are based, read about their training formats, and apply for the course online.

Furthermore, you can also get in touch with one of our Delta experts, who can help you plan your Delta course by distance. Whether you take just one module or all three, through the same accredited centre or different centres.

Finally, this page is dedicated solely to 100% online Delta courses. It has been developed for English language teachers who cannot travel to a teacher training centre to take the course on a face-to-face basis. If you’re interested in an online-blended Delta course (where some content is taking online, and other components are taken at the accredited centre), or a completely face-to-face full or part time course, have a look at our Delta hub page for a calendar and list of centres.

What is the Cambridge Delta

What is the Delta Course?

The University of Cambridge English Language Assessment Delta (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is the world’s most highly-regarded diploma-level teacher training course for experienced English teachers.

The aim of the Delta is to build on and deepen your pre-existing English teaching knowledge, making you a more well-rounded teacher, and furthering your career prospects. Delta has three, separate yet interlinking Modules, outlined briefly below.

You can take these modules separately, all together, and in any order – however you will need all three to be Delta qualified.

Delta Module 1 Online

A written exam held twice a year, focused on extending and developing candidates’ knowledge and understanding of teaching and learning English in a range of contexts. You will need to attend a Cambridge examination centre to take the exam, which is held every June and December. This could be your online course’s accredited centre, or another centre closer to you. Once you apply for an online Delta course, your Delta admissions officer and tutor can help you decide on an examination centre that is convenient for you.

Take Online Delta Module 1

Delta Module 2 Online

A course focused on developing awareness and expertise in the principles and professional practice of teaching English in a range of contexts. Assessed through coursework and teaching practice.

Take Online Delta Module 2

Delta Module 3 Online

An extended, written assignment with two submission dates annually. You can submit the assignment to Cambridge via online. This module has two streams:

Extending Practice and ELT Specialism: This stream focuses on needs analysis, syllabus design, course planning and assessment.

English Language Teaching Management: This stream is based around situation analysis, planning and implementing change.

Take Online Delta Module 3

Minimum Entry Requirements for the Delta Modules

The Delta Course is intended for experienced teachers. Meaning teachers wishing to extend their professional experience and accept new responsibilities. The Delta does not only demonstrates a commitment to the profession but also proof of ability.

It is open to people from all language backgrounds. All participants must have native speaker proficiency, written and spoken, that enables them to follow the course and complete all assessed and non-assessed elements successfully.

Ideally applicants should:

  • have at least two years’ full time (1,200 hours) experience of teaching English to a variety of levels within the past five years.
  • be able to prove a range of teaching experience in different contexts and at different levels.
  • be a graduate and have an initial teaching qualification (i.e. CELTA, Trinity Cert TESOL or equivalent)
  • have a standard of English which will enable you to teach at a range of levels (native-speaker proficiency, such as C2, CPE or IELTS 8+)

We may still accept applicants if they do not strictly meet these requirements but can demonstrate that they would be likely to complete the course successfully. If you’re unsure about your eligibility, get in contact with one of our Delta experts.

How to Use this Page

You can toggle between Delta online course modules using the menu on the left-hand side, or by using the buttons below. Use these pages to see the dates, prices and accredited centres available for each online Delta module.

Online Delta Module 1 Online Delta Module 2 Online Delta Module 3

Once you’d know which module and course date you would like to take, you can easily access our online application form and fill out your personal information. Alternatively, you can contact us for a hard-copy application form.

Also, if you’d like to apply for more than one online Delta module, contact one of our Delta course experts who will help you plan your course and send you the required application documents.

Online Delta Modules

About the accredited Delta Centres

While the courses listed here are fully online, your Delta tutor and the accredited centre for running the course are in a specific location. You should choose the centre where to take the course based on factors such as time zones, dates, the intensity of each course, etc. You can find a further explanation about each accredited centre on the individual online Delta module pages.

Online Delta Module 1 Online Delta Module 2 Online Delta Module 3

Please note that for Delta Module 1, you will need to attend a Cambridge examination centre to take the exam. The exam is held every June and December. This could be your online course’s accredited centre, or another centre closer to you. Once you apply for a Delta course, your Delta tutor can help you decide on an examination centre that is good for you.

You do not have to attend the accredited centre to take an online Delta course; you can take it from anywhere in the world. 

Why take the Delta Modules Course Online?

For English as a second language teachers, the Delta is the next professional step in their teaching career. After undertaking studies (such CELTA or Trinity CertTESOL), and teaching English for two years ( or 1200 hours) full-time, a teacher can apply to take the Delta.

The Delta course can not only deepen your knowledge of the theory and practice of English language teaching. But can also open the way for you for senior roles, such as director of studies, teacher trainer, school owner, etc.

The online Delta course is a great option for those who cannot travel to a centre to take the course. Either because of where they are located, or because of work or other commitments this could be the best option. Taking the Delta course online can often be a much more flexible option for people who cannot dedicate large portions of their week to study face-to-face.

Regardless of whether you take the Delta completely online, online-blended or face-to-face, the certificate you receive will be exactly the same. Your accredited centre will provide you with a provision certificate upon successful completion of the course.  The University of Cambridge Language Assessment Department will send your official certificate via post.

Finally, Delta will build on and strengthen your capabilities as an English language teacher. Having the Delta will set you up for positions of higher responsibility.

Online Delta Courses

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How to Apply for the Delta Modules Online Courses

To apply for an online Delta course, you will need to follow the steps listed below:

  1. Access the online application form here
  2. Select ‘Delta online’ and your module in the course type drop down
  3. Choose the accredited centre
  4. Select your desired course dates
  5. Fill out your basic information and submit the form
  6. Finally, one of our Delta admissions officers will be in touch with the application documents for you to fill out

Alternatively, you can contact us and let us know which module, course date and accredited centre you’re interested in, and a Delta admissions officer will be in touch with the application documents.

Apply for a Delta course

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