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By ELTCampus, Written by YL expert and teacher trainer, Anna Hasper

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The ELTcampus Teaching English to Young Learners is a fully online and interactive course designed for English teachers.

About the Online Certificate Teaching Young Learners

You’ve successfully completed your TEFL certificate for teaching adults and have secured yourself a teaching job. Well done! You've always wanted to teach young learners and go into your first lesson feeling confident, but leave feeling like you’ve been eaten alive...

We know that feeling and we’re here to help!

A good YL (Young Learners) teacher needs to know how to provide the class with the opportunity to learn and develop, going beyond just games and fun.

In the ELTcampus Young Learners course, we look at the specific characteristics and differences between YLs and the adult learners you are more familiar with, as well as techniques and ideas to apply in the classroom that deal with different skills and learning situations. We’ll get you back teaching with all the tools you need and plenty of confidence!

Young Learners Course Content:


  • Characteristics of Young Learners
  • Oracy Skills I: Listening
  • Oracy Skills II: Speaking
  • Literacy Skills I: Reading
  • Literacy Skills II: Writing
  • Classroom Management
  • Lesson Planning
  • Over 80 lessons
  • 35+ hours

Our signature moves include:

  • Videos from the classroom
  • Teachers reflecting on their practice
  • Lots of original art and illustration
  • Fun interactive activities to help you get your thoughts in order!

Employment with the Cert. Teaching Young Learners

The online Young Learners course is perfect for CELTA or Cert TESOL qualified teachers who are looking to find work teaching children or teenagers. Many establishments worldwide ask for a Young Learners certificate in addition to your initial TEFL or TESOL certificate. This course is ideal as you can take it at your own pace from any location in the world. Once you complete the course you will receive a certificate as proof of completion.

After you have your certificate you can look for work for free at our dedicated TEFL jobs website: www.teflwork.com.

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