Costa Rica is known for its varied wildlife, cascading waterfalls, tropical rainforests and beautiful beaches. With monkey infested trees, hanging peaceful sloths and clear seas bursting with colourful tropical fish, sharks and dolphins, Costa Rica is a breath-taking place to study the Cambridge CELTA.

The world’s most widely accepted TEFL is an intensive style qualification, giving you all the practical and theoretical knowledge you will need to become a successful English teacher. It is taken full time over four weeks and involves teaching practice and observations of experienced teachers. If you would like to read more information on what the Cambridge CELTA consists of, please click here.

People of all nationalities flock to Costa Rica for the gorgeous weather and scenery, making it an ideal place to teach TESOL. If it’s on your bucket list to visit this country, to work or study, then you can apply for the CELTA here. If you have any questions about Costa Rica or the qualification, please contact our helpful customer service team.

If you are wondering whether you are qualified to take the Cambridge CELTA in Costa Rica, then please take our eligibility test here. Let your TEFL journey begin!

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