Bulgaria is located in the South East of Europe and is an economic choice for the world's most recognised TEFL certificate, the CELTA. Sofia offers one of the lowest prices for this course allowing you to get qualified on a budget.

A country of history on the Black Sea, Bulgaria will seduce you with its beautiful architecture and breath-taking scenery. With influences from its surrounding countries, Bulgaria's culture really is unique. See if you qualify to apply for a CELTA course and kick start your career in this amazing country.

Apart from the CELTA, you can also take Cambridge Delta Modules in Sofia, Bulgaria. The Delta course is the next step on from the CELTA certificate. It is a diploma course which allows you to specialise in an area within the ELT sector. Perhaps you want to change to a different role within the field such as director of studies or you just want to be a pro. For more information on Delta see this page.

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