Bahrain is a beautiful island in the heart of the Gulf. It is the pearl region with its stunning beaches and a friendly living environment. Doing CELTA in Bahrain gives you the full space of focus on your study but also to explore the small, brilliant country, where everything is within reach. Bahrain has been ranked as one of the top destinations for expats, with 78%  of people saying they feel at home in Manama.

The CELTA certificate is the most widely accepted TEFL in the world, and is a four-week intensive course. If you want to check if you qualify to take this TEFL course, take our CELTA Eligibility Test. For more information on the CELTA qualification, please click here.

If you think that Bahrain would be the perfect place for you to start your TESOL English teaching career, please apply using our online application.

For more information on gorgeous Bahrain, please see the Lonely Planet Guide.

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