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Five Reasons to Think Twice about Online TEFL Courses

Five Reasons to Think Twice about Online TEFL Courses

Type four little letters into Google – T-E-F-L – and you’ll end up with limitless pages of results, websites promising the world through a 120-hour...

Everything You Need to Know About CELTA

Everything you need to know about CELTA

It’s no secret that in our modern age, English dominates as the world’s lingua franca. It’s exactly...

How to Take the Delta from Home

If you’re looking into studying the Delta you’ll already know the basics: Module 1; a theoretical exam, module 3; a miniature thesis and, of course...

The Four Mental Stages of Taking The CELTA Course

The Four Mental Stages of Taking the CELTA Course

It all starts with a vision – you, riding a rustic bicycle through Paris, a crusty baguette in the basket. Walking to work in South America, a...

CELTA Annie Hopkins Why Do It

CELTA, Why you should do it!

Annie Hopkins has been teaching English as a second language for several years now since completing her CELTA course...

Is CLIL the future or the past

Is CLIL the Future or the Past?

Some governments (well, education ministeries, anyway) are going crazy for CLIL but Malaysia has just...

Can I Fail the CELTA Course

Can I Fail the CELTA?

The short answer is: Yes. There’s a reason why we put your through such a rigorous application process.

Vietnam Sea

How to get a Work Permit to teach English in Vietnam

You may have thought that after bagging your dream job in Vietnam, you could just turn up in...

Why Take The CELTA Course

Why Take the CELTA Course?

The CELTA is one of the most intensive English Language Teacher Training courses there is. So if you need to put...

Visa Information USA

Visa Information USA – Taking a TEFL course in the USA

For non US residents or citizens, it it necessary to obtain an F-1 student visa. Once accepted onto your chosen course, you will be issued with...

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