Seville, a CELTA in the heart of southern Spain

Wednesday 15th September 2021

Seville, a CELTA in the heart of southern Spain

Expert views on what it is like taking the CELTA in Seville! The beautiful Spanish city of Seville, the jewel in the southern province of…

Expert views on what it is like taking the CELTA in Seville!

The beautiful Spanish city of Seville, the jewel in the southern province of Andalusia, is a wonderful place to take your CELTA, a key step in your English language teaching journey. To find out more about what a face-to-face CELTA is like in the city, we’re delighted to speak with Frederic Parrilla Garreau from the Seville centre as well as Claire Potter, Seville’s CELTA Main Course Tutor. They have shared with us their expertise and insight into what it is like taking the face-to-face CELTA in Seville. Here’s what they have to say:

What is a face-to-face CELTA at Seville like?

The face-to-face CELTA in Seville takes place in the school containing both adults and young learners, which means the CELTA trainees have the opportunity to fully integrate and get a real feel of the atmosphere of a language school.

Both the practice and theoretical elements of the course take place in a large fully-equipped classroom and CELTA participants can take advantage of all the premises of the school, including a large central patio with cafeteria and a rooftop terrace!

As trainees spend a good amount of time in the school, they are able to network with current English language teachers and exchange impressions, ideas and tips on methodology as well as getting invaluable insight into teaching jobs in Spain.

Is it safe to take a face-to-face course at the moment?

The centre here in Seville has taken all the precautionary measures necessary to create a greater distance between participants for health reasons and hydrogel is available in every room and common areas. The premises here are among the best in Spain: all rooms have large windows and are bright and well-ventilated. It is worth noting that classrooms here are disinfected several times a day too, while the COVID vaccination rate in Spain is one of the highest of Europe. Moreover, the centre has gained a seal of COVID free school by establishing a strict protocol, which includes guidelines for all possible cases of contacts.

What happens if I suddenly can’t travel to take the course?

Since the very beginning of the COVID pandemic, the centre here in Seville has established flexible conditions and cancellation in order to avoid prejudice to students. These flexible conditions will be maintained, even though the spread of COVID is currently under control.

What are the best things about Seville as a city?

There is no need to boast about the exceptional beauty of Seville, it was recently named the number one worldwide destination by Lonely Planet. In addition to its dazzling architecture, Seville displays an amazing cultural life including theatres, festivals, art museums and more. As for quality of life, CELTA trainees are often surprised by the low cost of living, which means a studio in the centre costs barely more than 600 euros a month while a weekly food budget is typically less than 50 euros. And we haven’t even mentioned the climate, as Seville offers a mild, sunny and dry climate 10 months a year, while July and August are extremely hot

Unlike at other European destinations, trainees have no need to spend time and money on public transport while in Seville and can enjoy morning and afternoon 20-minute strolls from their accommodation to the school.

Why is taking the CELTA a good idea?

There is no question about the value of the CELTA, it is the most widely recognised certification worldwide and a gateway to many schools around the world. The CELTA guarantees acquiring a solid knowledge and experience on teaching English as a second language. This is knowledge independent from an academic background. The CELTA is without doubt the first step for any young professional eager to invest in their future and is a passport towards stable and promising positions in the English as a Second Language (ESL) industry.

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What are the CELTA tutors like at Seville?

The tutors have many years’ experience and a level of expertise in the different components of the CELTA course, both practical and theoretical. However, the tutors are really there to provide a supportive learning environment, in which CELTA candidates develop their skills and confidence in the classroom. The tutors understand the demands of the course, and provide affective as well as academic help. In the course, you will see the tutors deliver dynamic demonstration lessons to the Spanish Teaching Practice students, as well as deliver methodology and feedback sessions. You get to work with at least two tutors, benefitting from their different styles and tips according to the stage of the course.

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