Strasbourg CELTA Reviews

Good location

Good location. Tireless tutors and well organized overall.

Lisa Gaye Williams

CELTA : an amazing experience!

CELTA : an amazing experience!
An emotional roller-coaster all along but eventually a very useful and fruitful course.
Read more “CELTA : an amazing experience!”

Dima Assad

For those who are planning to take the course – do it!

Ganna Tykhonenko CELTA Testimonial

I will always remember that summer in Strasbourg! The July of 2014 changed my life, because it gave me the… Read more “For those who are planning to take the course – do it!”

Ganna Tykhonenko

CELTA prepared me for my ESL teaching career

Maheyrin Chowdhury CELTA Testimonial

I completed my CELTA in Strasbourg, France, and am currently spending a year abroad in Munich, Germany, working as an… Read more “CELTA prepared me for my ESL teaching career”

Maheyrin Chowdhury

The tutors were great

Dexter Peters CELTA Testimonial

The centre in Strasbourg was good. I didn’t really have any complaints apart from the photocopying machine which shut down… Read more “The tutors were great”

Dexter Peters
Trinidad and Tobago

The facilities were clean and spacious

Alice Blanc Strasbourg

The facilities were clean and spacious. The only down side was that there was only one copy machine for the… Read more “The facilities were clean and spacious”

Alice Blanc

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