Krakow CELTA Reviews

It’s an amazing experience with tutors

Review Krakow

It’s an amazing experience with all tutors and classmates during the period of doing CELTA in Kraków centre. It helped… Read more “It’s an amazing experience with tutors”

Danyang mao

Well organized, devoted tutors

CELTA Review Krakow

Well everybody seems to give 5 stars and write it was amazing, so there’s no much point in another “excellent!”… Read more “Well organized, devoted tutors”

Bartłomiej Kwapisz

I did CELTA in Krakow

Krakow Review

I did CELTA in Krakow and had the most rewarding learning experience of my life. I developed myself both professionally… Read more “I did CELTA in Krakow”

Anthonet Baijense

IALC Quality English IATEFL

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