Johannesburg CELTA Reviews

The tutors gave great feedback

The CELTA course in Johannesburg was tough but worth it! The tutors gave great feedback which helped me progress through… Read more “The tutors gave great feedback”

Krissy Wilhelmsen

I had a great time doing the course

I don’t have any complaints about the CELTA Johannesburg college. I had a great time doing the course. The tutors… Read more “I had a great time doing the course”

Darius De Beer
South Africa

Understanding and supportive tutors

My experience with CELTA was very great. We had very understanding and supportive tutors. The environment very welcoming and comfortable.… Read more “Understanding and supportive tutors”

Margreth Mengi Ngimba

Course very organized

Course very organized

I had no experience teaching language, being there for a month changed me. The methodology makes sense and I’m sure… Read more “Course very organized”

Alice Valenciah Malwane
South African

A really organised centre

The CELTA course is definitely no joke, but, thank God for the tutors we had in Johannesburg. Indeed a really… Read more “A really organised centre”

Keith Tafadzwa Kanengoni

What a great experience!

What a great experience! It was intensive, with a lot of practical teaching. This helped build confidence and experience. From… Read more “What a great experience!”

Franke Theunissen
South Africa

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