CELTA Online Reviews

Organized course and amazing tutors

Review for Florence, Italy

Organized course and amazing tutors. I would definitely recommend this organization. The course is not a walk in the park, but our tutor’s support and organization made everything easier.
Thank you! StudyCELTA.

Eduardo Allan Addazi Da Silva

I found this course extremely useful and interesting

Review for Florence, Italy

I found this course extremely useful and interesting!

I would like to point out, though, that the Course Units to be completed throughout the course sometimes tend to get boring, repetitive or the topics come up late (for example, the unit about using authentic materials came up much later than the deadline for assignment 3…). Besides, they are based on videos, audios and writings. I know it is difficult to do it otherwise, being it online, but this does not take learners types into account. For example, I am mostly a verbal learner, and all those videos and audios are more helpful to visual and auditory learners. To me, concentrating on so many audios required some really hard work.

Anyway, I will definitely recommend the course, because I really learned a lot.

Sonia Marinelli

It has been a fantastic experience

Review for Florence, Italy

It has been a fantastic experience. As an experienced teacher I found the course really refreshing and eye-opening. I feel like I’ve grown as a teacher and learned new skills and techniques.

I got on well with my Celta colleagues and it was very nice to share this experience with them. The tutors are very prepared and always available to help and guide you through the process.

Carlotta Mercati

I went to the next level in my ability to help students

Review for Dubai (Sheikh Zayed Road), UAE

The CELTA was stressful, but it was supposed to be. I learned a lot about teaching and I went to the next level in my ability to help students understand English.

David G Allen

I learned so much in such a short time

Review for London (British Museum), UK

This was my first time stepping into the world of teaching, as well as my first time doing an online course. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience, and learned so much in such a short time.

Things I enjoyed most about the course were:
– Being in a group of supportive classmates, we helped each other through the course, and that was a humbling experience.
– Being mentored by 3 very knowledgeable and professional tutors, each with their own unique style of teaching that helped shape my own style.
– Although there was an incredible amount of pressure to get a lot done in such a short time, it somehow was an enjoyable experience for me.
– The students in each of the 3 levels were very good and supportive- not only were they receptive to being taught by people they knew were teachers in training, but they also were very understanding to any technical difficulties or other issues that arose during lessons. They were also such a lovely bunch of people – a pleasure to teach!
– I’ll give a special mention to Aida Sahutoglu. Julian and Alex were fantastic too, but Aida was amazing – she understood everything I was struggling to grasp, and explain it in a way I could fully understand. Amazing tutor, and I wish I could have had more time to learn from her!

Areas I feel could be improved on:
– Input sessions were not always helpful. A lot of rambling on and not much being taught. I’d say out of the 19 input sessions given, about 8 of those I actually found to be helpful. It didn’t help that multiple students used input sessions as a time to show off or joke around, which was quite disruptive at times. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a laugh, but not at the expense of other people’s time, especially when there is so much pressure to get assignments and lesson plans completed in a sufficient time – and tutors should be more aware of this, and not encourage those students to carry on.

– The Google drive, and amount of different websites/apps used was quite a rabbit hole. You eventually get used to it, but in the early stages, I feel further clarification is needed to ensure students are more confident in navigating these.

– Not enough time for everything. I don’t see how any human being could efficiently plan lessons, write assignments AND do the recommended reading in the small amount of time given. I’m unsure why full time CELTA is crammed into 4 weeks. I feel 5 is more appropriate, not only to have more realistic times for getting everything done, and to a better standard, but also to have more time to dwell and work on areas of improvement in teaching practices. I’d have loved an extra day or 2 between my teaching practices to have more time to reflect and work on areas I needed to do better in, but instead I was too busy planning my next lesson or writing an assignment to have enough time to do this. I feel better standards would come from more time.

Overall, this was such a fantastic experience, and I’m sad to see the end. I’m very thankful to my tutors, and would definitely recommend this course to anyone thinking of doing a CELTA! Thank you!!

Thomas Rolls

The CELTA has exceeded my highest expectations

Review for Mexico City, Mexico

Comparing what I was expecting to what really happened, the CELTA has exceeded my highest expectations. I enjoyed the challenges, the organization and the way the tutors supported us. They guided us, instead of giving ready-made solutions, which is why, I’m sure, I gained more than I thought I could. Even though the workload was really challenging and I was feeling stressed, the CELTA was just right for me. Besides, I’d never thought I could make so many friends.

However, in terms of grammar analysis and subject matter, I’d say it wasn’t a big challenge. I would recommend adding more videos regarding online teaching to the fully online CELTA. I look forward to doing the DELTA.

Ekaterina Zimakova

It was a great learning venture and a turning point in my career

Review for Istanbul (Besiktas), Turkey

It was a great learning venture and a turning point in my career. The tutors are experienced, well-trained, competent, and helpful in every aspect of the teaching and learning process of the CELTA. Their guidance and detailed pre and post-lesson input helped me become an entirely different and productive English teacher. I can get rid of outdated and years-long traditional methods of teaching and have successfully adopted modern tools of language teaching.

The team at the centre are professional and they are always quick to respond to your queries or any kind of difficulties you face during the course. The tutors are available 24/7 to help you to prepare for your lessons and guide you any time you need. I never had any problem related to Zoom or other issues related with technology. The tutor’s feedback was always constructive and had the primary objective of improving my teaching after every lesson. The study material was more than enough to prepare my assignments and the guidance of the tutor was always there to complete my tasks on time and in the desired manner. To sum up, I highly recommend anyone who wants to do the CELTA to join the Istanbul (Besiktas) course.

Muhammad Imran

The CELTA course was a challenging and satisfying experience

Review for Mexico City, Mexico

The CELTA course was a challenging and satisfying experience. The center was always helpful with our needs and the tutors were professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend the course to new and experienced teachers.

Jose Vega

The course was extremely informative

Review for Edinburgh (Queen Street), UK

The course was extremely informative. It was well organised and the two tutors – Mary and Valerie were very supportive and were always available when assistance was needed. I will strongly recommend the CELTA course.

Kerisha Naidoo

I was more than satisfied with my experience

Review for Istanbul (Levent), Turkey

I consider myself a very lucky person to have had the chance to take CELTA online through the centre in Istanbul (Levent). I have improved tremendously in so many areas as a teacher. My appreciation goes to my amazing tutors for their guidance and support, my students for their time and cooperation, and for my super cooperative colleagues. I would definitely recommend the centre in Istanbul (Levent) for others and personally consider it for future development courses. I was more than satisfied with my experience. My sincere thanks to an outstanding team!

Hiba Bazzi

The course was well-organized and efficiently managed

Review for Krakow, Poland

I am fully satisfied with the quality of training and professional guidance I received throughout the course with the centre in Krakow, the course was well-organized and efficiently managed.

Tatsiana Mekh

I have learnt heaps of new things about teaching

Review for London (British Museum), UK

I have learnt heaps of new things about teaching, I have developed a lot as a teacher and I loved most of the course aspects. I have met amazing people in the process so, all in all, I am very happy I took this course!


The online CELTA course in London (British Museum) was a great experience

Review for London (British Museum), UK

The online CELTA course in London (British Museum) was a great experience. The four weeks were very intense but worth it. I learnt so much!

The content is well organized and gave me all the relevant knowledge I need for my career. The tutors are very kind, patient and were always willing to help and answer all the questions I had. I enjoyed all my time during the course and would definitely recommend it.

Delfina Francisca de las Mercedes González Pastrán

I never imagined I’d be able to learn so much in only four weeks

Review for London (British Museum), UK

I never imagined I’d be able to learn so much in only four weeks! Taking the CELTA course provided me with a wealth of theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as being both exciting and challenging. The tutors at London (British Museum) were excellent and always willing to help.

Chinzorig Jargalsaikhan

I really enjoyed my experience

Review for Izmir, Turkey

I really enjoyed my experience on the CELTA course. Even though it was online, the course was set up really well. I learnt so much from this course and I also had the opportunity to meet some great teachers and even better people. The tutors were fantastic and they were always available for anything you needed.

Nicholas Louie Frangioni

Doing the CELTA course via Budapest, Hungary was a great choice

Review for Budapest, Hungary

Doing the CELTA course via Budapest, Hungary was a great choice. I have had the chance of gaining some valuable input from two very good teachers, Vanja and Luca, and teaching the Upper Intermediate and Pre-intermediate level students was a rewarding experience. The techniques I have learned through the CELTA have helped me to better my ways of teaching. It’s a sure place to enrol if you are attempting to pursue the Cambridge CELTA. All the best.

Beena Salu

Intense, challenging, nerve-racking, yet at the same time very enjoyable

Review for Barcelona, Spain

I was prepared for CELTA to be intense and that it was. Intense, challenging, nerve-racking, yet at the same time very enjoyable. The format of the course is so well organized, from start to finish. My tutors were Nigel and Sinem and they were so patient and knowledgeable. They were so fantastic at guiding us through the lessons. They always focused on the positives, while still correcting us on our mistakes and challenges. I feel this is so crucial and because of how they taught me, I never lost my confidence. Particularly in an online environment, I was just so nervous and both Nigel and Sinem continually put me at ease. I certainly progressed with the course and my Teaching Practice 8 was at a completely different level than my Teaching Practice 1. Also, my teaching skills have just improved to another level and my nerves have changed to excitement. I was terrified at Teaching Practice 1 and excited by Teaching Practice 8.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to enter the teaching world. I have also met some new lifelong friends which is an unexpected bonus.

Thank you so much Sinem, Rubens, and Nigel for this incredible training experience. You are all incredible role models and practice what you preach.

Vielen Dank!

Deborah Rose Butel

I had a thoroughly enjoyable time doing the CELTA course

Review for Dublin (Dame Street), Ireland

I had a thoroughly enjoyable time doing the CELTA course. Although rather intense, the tutors were very understanding of this heavy workload and were always at hand with any problems or questions I had. The input sessions were enjoyable and a great way to learn and get to know fellow classmates at the same time. I learned more and more as the course progressed and by the end of the course a far greater awareness of how to prepare and produce an effective lesson plan.

The Teaching Practice was a very effective way to learn as I thought and it gave me a confidence in delivering lessons that had not been there before. The most important part of the course for me was the feedback we received on these lessons, Stuart and Samantha gave appropriate points to improve on and were constantly working with the trainees to hone and sharpen their teaching skills. This helped in taking a step with every lesson towards a higher standard. The online resources are full of materials and guidance for trainees and was an extremely useful amenity. I am very grateful for the help and assistance provided to me by the CELTA administrators and tutors and would highly recommended it to anybody considering taking the course. Enjoy!

Colin Magnier

Exceptional, and incredibly supportive

Review for Bournemouth (Winton), UK

The centre at Bournemouth (Winton) were exceptional, and incredibly supportive during my time studying for the CELTA. I couldn’t ask for more!

Thomas Adamson

I had an amazing experience

Review for Rome, Italy

I had an amazing experience, even though it was an intensive course. Every challenge led to professional and also personal growth.
I had a wonderful group of colleagues and our tutors, Flo and Chris for at the centre in Rome were always ready to help us and have us in the correct mind setting.

I also loved how we were able to get in touch with our students even if it had to be from behind a screen.

I felt like this experience helped me in fully finding my way and now I know for sure this is the career I want to pursue.

Lorenza Saraceni

I loved it

Review for Valencia, Spain

I loved it. It was amazing.


Intense, challenging, informative, instructive and good fun

Review for London (British Museum), UK

Intense, challenging, informative, instructive and good fun.

Great qualified tutors. Highly recommended!

Larissa Gleissner

It has had a great impact on my career

Review for Barcelona, Spain

I learnt so much on this course. It was a life changing experience and has had a great impact on my career.

Massive thank you to Rubens and Nigel for their continuing support and guidance throughout the course and for being a pair of legends.

Emma Lohan

Excellent work and enormous support during the whole CELTA course

Review for Budapest, Hungary

I would like to wholeheartedly thank the centre in Budapest for their excellent work and enormous support during the whole CELTA course. I will always remember the course as a time of intense learning and getting a completely new perception of what teaching is. Indeed, it was a hard time when I had to manage a million things at once and adapt myself to the challenges, so you shouldn’t expect that the CELTA course is going to be a path of roses, but I’m totally convinced that it was not in vain. With the help of professional, supportive and super friendly tutors I have had the good fortune to achieve new knowledge and inspiration for the future.

Ekaterina Starzhinskaya

It was a really good experience

Review for Madrid, Spain

It was a really good experience! The tutors, trainees and students were amazing. I was afraid I was going to be exhausted every day but it was not too tiring after all. Thank you for everything!

Madeline Lumertine

Overall my value as a teacher has dramatically increased

It has been a roller-coaster type of experience. I had my share of struggle and frustration. But what I have learnt exceeded my initial expectations in the sense that I was introduced to precision in teaching which I think it is huge. I now feel confident enough in front of the students, I own my knowledge, I know how to differentiate good from bad or not good enough teaching, and overall my value as a teacher has dramatically increased. I am profoundly grateful to my two tutors, Aida and Rob, they are my stars! I adore them both individually and for what they have managed to do as a team. Thank you to the wonderful team team at London (British Museum)! I’ll definitely be missing you!

Silas Larisa Daniela

A very rewarding experience

Review for Brisbane, Australia

It was a very rewarding experience. I loved the way the CELTA course structures the English teaching lesson. It’s very effective and makes the students’ learning experience enjoyable.

I have also enjoyed meeting and getting to know my colleagues, trainees and tutors and I’m very pleased to have completed the course.

Françoise DAQUIN

The best course I’ve ever done

Review for Dublin (Dame Street), Ireland

This was the best course I’ve ever done. The tutors were absolutely amazing, providing tons of support at all times but also guiding you to be independent and not need it. Wonderful content and lovely students, I would highly recommend it to anyone!

Maya Tasheva

It was a fantastic experience

Review for Milan, Italy

It was a fantastic experience, both professionally and human-wise. The tutors were extremely supportive and inspiring and so were the course students. The learning atmosphere they all were able to establish was amazing, and one I will never forget.

Camilla Mira

Thank you for the guidance and support

Review for Bournemouth (Winton), UK

The tutors on this course were absolutely fantastic. Everyone was so helpful and encouraging. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who would like to teach abroad.

Justin, Kirsty and Chris made it so much more engaging than I imagined it would be. It was intense, however the management of the course was very clear and accessible for all trainees.

Thank you for the guidance and support!

Sally Craydon

Excellent all around! Best course ever

Review for Budapest, Hungary

Excellent all around. Best course ever. Thank you so much to everyone involved.

Ariel Fabregas Valdes

Both course content and structure were excellent

Review for London (British Museum), UK

This is an excellent course and I am very pleased to have completed it. Both course content and structure were excellent and we benefitted from some excellent tutoring. However, although warned of this beforehand, be aware that it is very intensive and represents a lot of hard work. It was pretty stressful at times. Do not think that you will be able to do this and something else at the same time. It is very demanding. Having said that, it has provided me with a good foundation upon which to build a future in TEFL, and to this extent, it provided me with exactly what I was looking for.

Chris Bertram

Overall it was an unforgettable experience

Review for Cairo, Egypt 

It is hard to describe how it feels during the intensive course. I felt it was hard to do the assignments but once I start doing one, I went step by step till I finished. I felt a bit nervous during the Teaching Practice sessions due to being watched and I knew that every word I said was monitored and to be commented on if it was not the best one. The most effective part was the feedback sessions. It helped me to improve my teaching. I want to thank our tutors Paul and Amanda, They are the best.

Overall it was an unforgettable experience.

Mohamed Omara

This course has provided me with a fantastic experience

Review for London (British Museum), UK

This course provided me with a fantastic experience! The course setting is organised and the tutors are nice and responsible. I’ve become more disciplined myself and more determined about my future after this course. I will definitely recommend it to my friends to help them with their career development!


The course was even better than I expected it to be

Review for Muscat, Oman

The course was even better than I expected it to be. It was life changing. I have started teaching part-time and I am already seeing the difference in results thanks to applying what I learned on my CELTA.

Ahoud Al Aameriya

It was a fantastic experience

Review for Oviedo, Spain

It was a fantastic experience, I learnt so much in these months. The tutors shared their precious knowledge and experience with us and I tried to learn as much as possible from them. They have changed the way I prepare for my lessons and my attitude towards students. It was a difficult but rewarding experience. I would totally recommend it.

Annalisa De Mauro

The tutors were great and very accessible

Review for London (British Museum), UK

The part-time online CELTA course was a perfect way for me to combine my full-time job with my new career goal of becoming a teacher of English as a foreign language. The course was intensive, so it is definitely not for the faint-hearted and you need to make sure you have plenty of time to complete all the online modules and the assignments. The tutors were great and very accessible via e-mail at all times. They were very constructive and helpful in their feedback on the teaching practice. Overall it was a very rewarding experience. They say the CELTA is more like a journey and I can confirm it certainly is!

Joanna Hosseini

The course is well-built

Review for London (British Museum), UK

The CELTA online part-time course is three months’ permanent work. The course is well-built and helps you learn English teaching techniques. The units and the teaching practice are related to each other and the holistic structure of the course supports trainee teachers well. At the end of the course you will be able to plan and deliver 40 minute English lessons of three different levels. The written assignments are challenging and require you to reflect on the lessons, bibliography, teacher’s self-evaluation and tutors’ feedback.

Zsofia Nesselfeld

The online CELTA part-time is a very flexible course

Review for London (British Museum), UK

I think that the CELTA online part-time allowed me to fit the studying perfectly around my full-time job. The advantage of the online CELTA part-time is the fact that it is a very flexible course. It is also very intense but we were warned about this prior to commencing the course. I enjoyed my teaching experience sessions and I have learned so much. It will definitely help me to achieve my short-term goal, which is to build on my teaching experience. One of my longer-term goals is to focus on teaching Business English. The tutors provided plenty of advice on teaching methods, lesson content and planning.

Angela Cuzane

I am really pleased to have chosen Mexico City for my CELTA training

Review for Mexico City, Mexico 

I am really pleased to have chosen Mexico City for my CELTA training. I think it’s been the wisest decision I’ve made this year. I met wonderful people, both tutors and learners and this is a teaching and learning experience I would recommend to any of my colleagues in Argentina

Maria Florencia Giudici

The tutors were always very supportive

Review for Kiev, Ukraine

I took my CELTA course via Kiev, Ukraine on a part-time online basis. It was an amazing experience. The tutors were always very supportive and encouraged us to break through all the obstacles. The trainees were friendly and open to work as a team. By the end of the course we all became like a big family.

I’m very thankful to Chris and Helen – our tutors – for their support and encouragement. They opened new vistas of the English learning process to me. Due to their kind support I’ve learnt new strategies and approaches to ELT as well as feeling more confident in my teaching overall. Thank you so much!

Kateryna Kostiuk

I am amazed at how much I learned

Review for Melbourne (Carlton), Australia

My experience with the Melbourne online intensive CELTA course, was truly commendable. I am amazed at how much I learned over the 5-week period. The running of the course online was great, as it gave me flexibility with my study whilst still following a daily class structure.

I have previous teaching experience; however this course has filled the gaps in my knowledge and helped me excel in my teaching practice. The course was run with professionalism and great organisation. The tutors were highly knowledgeable, and I now feel completely prepared for upcoming English-teaching opportunities. I would highly recommend the course for people looking for a challenging and rewarding English-teaching certification.

Jennifer Schaumann

I could not recommend the CELTA enough

I’m an experienced ESL teacher and my work was paying for me to take the CELTA. I assumed I’d have a pretty cruisy time of it on course, however, I was really surprised how much I didn’t actually know (or do). I should have taken the CELTA a very long time ago as I’ve wasted a lot of time and effort in my teaching not having followed their methodologies. I could not recommend the CELTA enough for anyone interested in English teaching, beginner or not. Barbara and Ron’s guidance was absolute top-notch. I’m now confident that my students will benefit a lot from my lessons and my annual performance report will be better too.

Mitch Andrews

I loved the teaching practice part

Review for Adelaide, Australia

The CELTA tutors were friendly and gave very useful, constructive feedback. The CELTA platform was well structured and easy to use.  It didn’t take a lot of time to get used to it.  I loved the teaching practice part, and I could learn a lot not only from my own teaching practice, but also my fellow trainees’ teaching.  It took me a lot of time to think about lesson designs, prepare lesson plans and materials, but it was exactly the way I could learn and improve my teaching.

Amanda Fidler

It was both constructive and useful

Review for Adelaide, Australia

The tutors gave me excellent feedback. It was both constructive and useful for me to refer to many times between teaching practice lessons. I have learned so much about teaching both from the course materials and two excellent tutors who consistently demonstrated the methodology that I was learning about.

Ha Tran

I’m so glad I did this

Review for London (British Museum), UK

The definition of intensive has got to be the combination of learning to teach online at the same time as learning to learn online in the space of four weeks!

I’m so glad I did this though because teaching online is definitely here to stay and the experience of being a student in this new classroom was invaluable. With the help of my totally dedicated trainers I have felt the fear and done it anyway, the result of which is I’ve conquered the tech (sort of), taught an amazing bunch of patient and obliging students from all over the world and bonded with my co-trainees in a way I would previously have said was impossible without actually meeting them in real life.

Mel Chadwick

The teaching staff were there for me every step of the way

Review for Perth, Australia

The centre in Perth is fantastic and so you definitely apply here if you can!

It was a hard course in more ways than one and at points I didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel after a few setbacks. However, these setbacks are all part of the experience and the teaching staff will put you through your paces for your own good! But they were there for me every step of the way. I really ended up enjoying the CELTA and the fellow classmates I grew to know and appreciated hearing the advice of, because at the end of the day it all helps you to become a better teacher.

Nicholas Glenn Bastian

I was very happy with the course, the students, the teachers and the content

Review for Frankfurt, Germany

The intensive CELTA course was held online from mid-November to mid-December 2020. We had about 21 students total divided into several different tutor groups with about six students per tutor group. We were with a tutor for the first part of the class and the second part of the class with another tutor. The small group stayed the same. We taught two different level of students.

Because of COVID, the class was online and we learned how to use the different aspects of Zoom. We all really bonded with our small group.

I was very happy with the course, the students, the teachers and the content. It was very intense but I learned a lot in that time. I would have liked to have seen the students live in person, but this way I didn’t have to leave my house.

The only drawback was that it was actually based on Oman time (since the centre has a location in Frankfurt, Germany and Oman) – I found this out not long before the start of the course which meant I had to start class at 6am, but it actually worked out well.

Colleen Calas

Amazing experience

Review for Izmir, Turkey

Thanks a lot for the wonderful journey and amazing experience.

Mohammed Bekar

My tutors were phenomenal and an excellent resource

Review for Dublin (Dame Street), Ireland

I did my CELTA online with the school in Dublin and I absolutely loved it. The city has such a lively feel and attracts students from all around the world. I was able to teach and interact with students from South America, Europe, and Asia.

While the course was online due to Coronavirus restrictions, I do not feel that my learning experience was hindered in any way from it. If anything, it taught me how to effectively use online platforms for teaching, which I may not have learned had I done the in-person course.

My tutors were phenomenal and an excellent resource. They were always available and I could tell that they were invested in my success.

I am so happy with my CELTA experience and cannot wait to use everything I learned in my own classroom!

Jessica Richardson

Great tutors and an unforgettable experience

Review for Bristol, UK

A fantastic course. Thank you so much. Great tutors and an unforgettable experience.

Thomas Martinez

I enjoyed the course every step of the way

Review for Mexico City, Mexico

I enjoyed the course every step of the way. The tutors were fantastic, able to provide constructive criticism and always ready to help. The content was rich and well presented, and working on it collaboratively with colleagues made it all that more meaningful. Thank you!

Looking forward to where this journey will take me!

Karen Francesca Silvano

Relief and a sense of accomplishing something momentous

Review for Manchester, UK

Though this was meant to be a part-time online course, for me it felt like a full-time one, maybe because I haven’t studied for many years. It was a challenge to keep going at times as I found it so hard, but now it is over I feel relief and sense of accomplishing something momentous. I have learnt lots. The wonderful thing about this is I have made many new friends from around the world.

The tutors I had were brilliant, and were there every step of the way for support.

Dianne Penny

My confidence and knowledge have increased

Review for London (British Museum), UK

I want to say a huge thank you to Rob and Devon at London (British Museum) for making the CELTA a positive and rewarding experience! I really enjoyed learning the fundamentals of teaching English as a foreign language and I believe that my confidence and knowledge have increased over the past three months. It’s a shame that London (British Museum) doesn’t do the Delta as I would definitely have studied for it with them – perhaps that’s something they could consider adding to their course list? Definitely worth the time and money spent.

Katherine Amy Ikeda

The course was challenging but very rewarding

Review for London (British Museum), UK

The tutors were always on hand to support. They offered plenty of encouragement as well as constructive feedback on how to improve which was much appreciated. The course was well organised and the deadlines were clear. Being organised in order to manage the workload was essential.

The students were friendly and really immersed themselves in the lessons. Overall, the course was challenging, but very rewarding.

John Kourpas

I did the CELTA intensive course and had an amazing experience

Review for Barcelona, Spain

I did the CELTA intensive course and had an amazing experience! Great tutors, wonderful people and I learned a lot!

I highly recommend it 🙂

Sivan Avitan

The CELTA course gave me such great opportunities to work on my ELT skills

Review for Rome, Italy

As a CELTA trainee, you learn a lot from direct experiences in the classroom: basically, you realize that it’s not just about the students, but also about you as a teacher, because you need to understand the language, find new ways of doing things and put things into practice in order to become a professional trainer for English learners.

I can definitely say that, in this sense, the CELTA course gave me such great opportunities to work on my ELT skills and interesting food for thought as well.

It was an extraordinary experience in many ways, but I am very happy I attended it online and wouldn’t hesitate to suggest other people do it!

Irene Vicari

This course has changed my way of teaching for the better

Review for Rome, Italy

Probably, many of you have already read scary things about the CELTA course. But today, I want to share my experience that is anything but negative.

I have to start with the tutors, who were very professional but also friendly and ready to support you throughout the course. I took the semi-intensive online course, twice a week, and I had enough time to learn and practice everything I was taught. I have to say that I wasn’t working much though during that period. Therefore, I had a lot of time to devote to the course.

The best moment for me was when I took my first practice lesson in front of real students. Before starting the lesson I was very nervous but then I relaxed and everything went well. At the end of the lesson I thought: “Man, I did it!”

I have to thank my tutors for this, but also my colleagues because from day one they directed me to the right path and made the lessons very pleasant. This course has changed my way of teaching for the better.

Elena Bertolini

The tutors were fantastic

Review for Dublin (Dame Street), Ireland

I really enjoyed the course. The tutors were fantastic, helpful and professional. In particular, Nicky and Niamh were true landmarks during these months. Everything was well organised and I will definitely recommend this experience to everyone I know who is interested.

Thanks for everything.

David Zakaria

I found the course well-paced and extremely well planned

Review for Istanbul (Besiktas), Turkey

I’m very happy that I took the intensive online CELTA course with Istanbul. The timing of the course worked perfectly for me, and although I was anxious that it might be too intense after not having studied in 10+ years, I found the course well-paced and extremely well planned – although it is definitely intense too! The tutors were always punctual and constructive in their feedback and I enjoyed having two different tutors who offered their own varying takes and experiences on teaching. Given that much teaching is currently online, I felt like we were at an advantage by learning a lot of the online teaching techniques which I feel has equipped me with the skills and tools to teach in the classroom or online.

Overall a very positive experience, thank you to the tutors who put a lot of time and effort into the classes!

Alice Dashwood

Great timetabling, constant communication and excellent tutor presence

Review for Sydney, Australia

The course felt exactly as if made by teachers who knew what a good, instructive course should look like. I have to mention the great timetabling, constant communication and excellent tutor presence, and if there were any doubts about the monetary worth of the course, it was justified by its content. It is hard to fathom that upon completion of the course, one is a fully qualified English teacher, recognised and highly revered by institutions internationally. The course contained much needed teaching practice to really provide an authentic and compelling learning experience for us as the CELTA students.

Credit must also be given for the course being managed online, a testament to the transition to make this type of course as successful as a blended or traditional in-person course. I had so much fun brought into my life through learning to teach with the CELTA, and wherever life’s journey takes me, the Sydney CELTA centre has no doubt provided a confident introduction into the world of English teaching.

Edward Feng

Now I feel I can embark on an new adventure

Review for London (British Museum), UK

CELTA has been the toughest academic experience I have been through. With a full-time job, taking my CELTA part-time was not easy. However, now I feel I can embark on a new adventure, which is teaching, with the tools and skills I need and with the psychological readiness that I did not possess before the course.

Rabha Elasri

I found the CELTA part-time course amazing

Review for London (British Museum), UK

I found the CELTA part-time course amazing, I was able to learn so much and it gave me all the knowledge needed to be able to start teaching. All the tutors I had were incredible and the feedback I got from them was very helpful. The content was very interesting to study, but the units sometimes got a bit long and repetitive, I’m so thankful I got to meet learners from all over the world when doing my teaching practice.

I can’t wait to start my journey as a teacher and I’m so grateful I got the chance to do this course.

Donato Di Noia

I feel well-equipped to enter almost any classroom situation

Review for Barcelona, Spain

The course had already exceeded the full dollar value of its price tag after the just the first couple of days. After a month, I feel well-equipped to enter almost any classroom situation and deliver a meaningful lesson. I am confident that others will find the course full of practical, hands-on content and will emerge from the course as more confident and authoritative instructors.

Micah Steffes

I always liked how our tutors in our course guided us

Review for Brisbane, Australia

Before the course started, I was already aware that it would be intensive training, but one could not imagine how intensive it is until you find yourself in the course. It may have been stressful because of the assignments you need to do and the teaching practice you need to deliver, but it was rewarding in the end. I would say that it is an update for me as a teacher in terms of knowledge and practice in teaching English. I always liked how our tutors in our course guided us, especially how they gave feedback from our teaching practice.

I will never forget the other trainees too especially my team, the “Purple” group. I would say that our teamwork was great!

Willow Pangket

I’d recommend it to anyone!

Review for Prague, Czech Republic

This was a very useful course. I gained a lot of practical experience and knowledge while taking this course. I’d recommend it to anyone.

Brian Keane

I feel ready to embark on an exciting new career path!

Review for London (British Museum, Zone 1), UK

I’m really pleased that I chose the Online Part-time CELTA at the London (British Museum) centre. The quality of teaching from my course tutors was first-rate and I felt very supported throughout the entirety of the course. A major benefit of having taken the 100% online CELTA is that I can now conduct an English lesson capably and confidently online. The fact that I can now use Zoom for teaching purposes is already benefitting me in my current teaching position, with the majority of teaching in the higher education institution I work for being moved online for the foreseeable future. The thing I liked most about the course was the collaborative approach to teaching and learning. Getting regular feedback on my teaching from both my tutors and fellow trainees really informed my teaching and helped me to build on my strengths and improve on my weaknesses for future lessons. Having completed the CELTA, I feel that I have the necessary knowledge and skills to embark on an exciting new career path in the field of TESOL and I have the wonderful staff at the London (British Museum) centre to thank for that.

Rebecca Hayes

I enjoyed the CELTA a lot!

Review for Gran Canaria, Spain

The course was very intensive and difficult, but I enjoyed it a lot, because in a short time we learned how to prepare for the lessons and deliver them effectively. The tutors were very helpful and supportive.

Yuliia Teterko

I really enjoyed the CELTA course

Review for Warsaw, Poland

I really enjoyed the course given by the Warsaw center. Milada and and Beata were excellent tutors and really showed care in everything we had to do and in helping us succeed. I was very impressed with how professional things were organized, from day-to-day communications to assignment briefings and tutoring. I’m truly satisfied with the course being 100% online under a part-time scheme. This worked perfectly for me. I had only wished that the circumstances allowed for some on-site learning and meeting other candidates. I think that’s what any students would miss or long for to some extent, even if it’s just a one- or two-day workshop.

I learned a lot in this entire process and journey, not only about teaching English but also about self-development through identifying my own strengths and weaknesses in teaching, thanks to all the tutors.

I definitely had many take-aways, and I’m just very glad I chose the Warsaw center. Thank you for everything, Milada, Beata, and Sarah. 🙂


I would absolutely recommend the CELTA course

Review for Gran Canaria, Spain

Given the extremely intense nature of the course and the corresponding work load to complete it successfully, I don’t think I would have made it to the end without the unfailing guidance and constructive support from my tutors. I observed this not only in respect of myself but for all the teacher trainees. Pass A for the tutors! I would absolutely recommend the CELTA course at the Gran Canaria centre. It is a month long discovery of what it means to be a good EFL teacher and how to acquire those skills in theory and in practice. It will take you to the limit of what you think you are capable of and further. The unfailing support of the tutors will guide you through this intense process and the sense of achievement at the end is extremely rewarding.

Amy Bacchus

I learned a lot in a short space of time

Review for London (British Museum, Zone 1), UK

I found the course really challenging and I learned a lot in a short space of time. The tutors were very knowledgeable and great at giving constructive feedback. I would definitely recommend StudyCELTA and the London (British Museum) centre to anyone who is looking at doing a CELTA.

Conor Tierney

I got a lot out of the CELTA!

Review for London (British Museum, Zone 1), UK

I got a lot out of this course! My teaching has improved massively and, although it was intense, I enjoyed every second. The tutors are very thorough and friendly, and the format of the course is logical and effective. I would recommend the London (British Museum) centre to anyone and would consider furthering my training with them in the future.

Lauren Conway

The CELTA course proved to be quite a roller coaster!

Review for Prague, Czech Republic

I knew from the very beginning what I was signing up for and the CELTA course proved to be quite a roller coaster indeed, but it was worth it. Everything was clear and systematically organized, the tutors were kind, patient and really supportive. Even if the course was online you could really feel everyone’s motivation: the students’ motivation to improve their English language skills, the trainees’ motivation to understand and assimilate more and more information about how to be an English teacher who is focused on students’ needs and last but not least, the tutors’ motivation to help the trainees at any time and with all the necessary resources.
There were four weeks of pressure mixed with excitement. Betty and Kieran, our lovely tutors, made the input sessions really interactive and inviting, and their feedback on our work was always constructive and helped us understand what and how to work on improving our teaching skills. It was really useful to watch our tutors, experienced teachers, at work. They taught us a lot of teaching techniques which will definitely make our future English lessons memorable and enjoyable for our students as well. My peers were awesome too, we all had fun during the input and teaching practice sessions.
Therefore, by the end of the course I could feel that we were all part of something bigger. We’ve become friends and we started to feel like we are members of one big happy family who supports each other. Overall, my experience as a CELTA trainee was memorable and I encourage anybody who wants to apply to just do it and enjoy each stage of this course, because it will pass sooner that expected and you will really miss waking up after snoozing the alarm 2-3 times, getting ready for your TP lessons and having fun with your students, peers and tutors.

Ramona Maria Musat

The most rewarding course I’ve ever attended

Review for Krakow, Poland

The CELTA course was the most intensive course I’ve ever attended but at the same time the most rewarding one. The online course had some extra pros to it (such as learning how to teach online). The tutors were very supportive and knowledgeable. Moreover, the knowledge I’ve gained on the course was very practical. There is no doubt in my mind that the course was worth attending.

Patryk Goliasz

A course well worth it

Review for Johannesburg, South Africa

It sure wasn’t easy but a course well worth it with great tutors to guide you through. I’m ready to take my teaching career to the next level!

Eileen van Aswegen

It was a wonderful experience

Review for Krakow, Poland

It was a wonderful experience. I’m really glad I did this course. British Council in Krakow was the right choice for me and the best place to become a CELTA certified teacher. Although on this course both trainers and trainees did not meet face-to-face, tutors took great efforts to make the course easy to follow, very interesting and inspiring. Their ability to break down each theme into several units has made this course significantly accessible and approachable. And thanks to them I’ve improved my teaching skills tremendously.
I am very grateful for the 6-week course at British Council in Krakow. It was a fantastic experience indeed! And I highly recommend it to everyone wishing to start their career in English language teaching.

Anastasiia Lobunets

Really informative and useful course!

Review for London (British Museum), UK

Really informative and useful course! I really noticed mine and my peers’ skills develop during the course. I feel much more prepared to teach than I did four weeks ago. I also know where to go for helpful resources for lesson planning.

Good attempts were made for the course to be interactive and friendly despite the fact that it was all carried out online.

All the tutors were incredibly helpful and friendly.

One thing that may have been useful would be some more personalised career advice – the career talk we had was quite interesting, but only relevant if you wanted to work in Asia or Russia and you have a UK passport. With current travel restrictions, I doubt this applied to many people. Perhaps we could have been grouped into people who want to work in Europe / work online / work in Asia for some more relevant career advice.

Rosemary O'Connor

The course was well-structured and well-organised

Review for Krakow, Poland

I took the fully online CELTA course through the Krakow centre and it was a great experience. The course was well-structured and well-organised and there was enough teaching practice. Tutors were always very supportive and I really feel I have developed myself during the course. Definitely recommend to all future teachers!

Małgorzata Jujka

The course was very useful

Review for Budapest, Hungary

The course in general was very useful. It helped me gain practical knowledge through extensive practice and research. The tutors were very helpful, they helped with any queries and guided us step by step through the process. Although it is true that the course can get very demanding, don’t let what you read online discourage you. You will not cry yourself to sleep every night! Just make sure to manage your time well and you’ll be fine.

Marie Micallef

Great experience!

Review for Johannesburg, South Africa

Great experience! No time was wasted. Effective feedback and support was given by tutors. Would recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in teaching EFL.

Nanda de Wit

The experience is 100% worth it

Review for Bournemouth (Winton), UK

I am very glad I decided to take the CELTA course after getting the recommendation from a work colleague. It has been a great experience where I have learnt something new every single day. Personally, for someone who already has some experience teaching languages, this course has been an excellent opportunity to develop myself further. I feel more confident and better equipped to go back to school after the holidays! It’s been hard work but I’d do it all over again – the experience is 100% worth it.

Victoria Berrueco Pastor

I learned so much in five weeks!

Review for Istanbul (Besiktas), Turkey

I learned so much in five weeks! I completed this course through Zoom. The tutors were very helpful and supportive. They were quick with their responses anytime I had a question. The experience was also very hands-on, the tutors would demonstrate themselves what they expected in our teaching practices. The students I taught were very motivated and it made my teaching practices more enjoyable. That’s really nice since the course itself is a bit stressful.

Charlene Johnson

The experience was fantastic

Review for Budapest, Hungary

The experience was fantastic. Of course I would have loved for it to be face to face, but the online way worked quite well. The tutors were very careful and patient with us, and they also helped us quite a lot. The course as a whole was quite hectic, but it gives you a gratifying feeling after finishing it, so it was all worth the while.

Valon Shabani

I had a wonderful experience

Review for Buenos Aires, Argentina

I had a wonderful experience completing my CELTA with the Buenos Aires centre! I was able to join them online after having done half of the course in Spain (I had to fly back home due to Coronavirus), and was welcomed immediately without any problems or complications. Our tutors were excellent, put a lot of time and effort into giving us constructive feedback.

I can highly recommend the Buenos Aires centre to anyone wanting to do the CELTA!

Laura Ullius

Top quality of education

Review for London (British Museum), United Kingdom

It was intensive learning, that’s a fact. However, the feeling of satisfaction for having completed the course, it’s priceless. I cannot be happier. Amazing classmates, amazing tutors and top quality of education.

Alejandro Maya Toro

The course was handled professionally and to a high standard

Review for Izmir, Turkey

This was a full-time online course that was implemented due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite this being a new way to teach the CELTA course, I believe that the course was handled professionally and to a high standard. Although there were sometimes issues with using Zoom for teaching, this course gave me a valuable insight into online teaching and how our methodology would translate into the physical classroom, thereby grounding us in both pedagogical spheres.

I really enjoyed every second of the CELTA course and I can’t rate the course highly enough for the following reasons:
1) Both the fact that this was a six-week course and that the tutors were so communicative to our needs with scheduling meant that the workload was very manageable.
2) The input sessions gave a great grounding on the methodology and the ability to then use this methodology in assignments and our own lessons were invaluable. Thanks to this course I have improved my understanding of lesson staging and language analysis (especially phonetics).
3) The tutors themselves at Izmir were outstanding. Jackie, Kelci, and Alice – thank you for all you have done for us. The feedback was constructive, fair, and gave us a clear insight on how to improve each and every day. There was praise, motivation, and you instilled a true joyfulness in the course. My tutors were always available to help, and it was comforting knowing that we had this superb support system.

Before doing this course I had a bad experience with a teacher training course in my own country. This CELTA course and the Izmir centre have helped me rediscover my love of teaching and have taught me so much in such a short time. I now have the building blocks to continue my professional development and I am sure that I will utilise what I have learned in my CELTA course throughout my life.

This course is for everyone – both people who are new to teaching and experienced teachers. Before applying for the CELTA I had read horror stories online about this being an almost impossible course that is extremely stressful. My experience couldn’t have been more different from that. It was fun, informative, and, yes, challenging too at times, but it was scaffolded in such a way that I never felt overloaded.

I fully recommend the online full-time CELTA course and the Izmir centre. Thank you for this opportunity.

Alexander James Forbes

It exceeded expectation

Review for Cairo, Egypt

When reflecting on my CELTA course, I’d have to stress that it exceeded expectation. I was a bit dubious about the online process. However, with outstanding tutors such as Phil and David I felt more secure about the course being solely administered online. I learned a lot of technical terms that wasn’t ascertained in my 8 years in the ELT field. Input along with the experienced teacher observations and activities kept the course interesting and engaging. The references were a wealth of knowledge and provided so much incite. The tutors were professional, knowledgeable, patient and extremely punctual especially when it came to starting lessons as well as responding to questions and concerns. They were the very opposite of cavalier.

Jordell Bynum

The way things were organised was amazing from day one

Review for Buenos Aires, Argentina


The way things were organised to work with each group (both pre- and upper-intermediate) in this new, virtual environment was amazing from day one. We all knew exactly how to work on our Handouts on Google Docs, how to divide your ss into groups using BORs, etc and it was the very first time working via Zoom for most of us! The assignments and both individual and group/peer work on Moodle were always being monitored by our OCT.


I found all units on Moodle were helpful; I would eighter go back to them before delivering a special type of lesson to go over the correct stages and how to work on them one more time or would skip some units and jump directly to that which I considered I needed to complete an assignment. Being able to complete the units as I saw fit was one of the best things about Online CELTA!


I loved the forum tasks! I thought it was a great idea to exchange ideas with our fellow CELTA trainees and develop and share our ideas. The idea of having “Introduction” “Three things in common” among the forums was excellent!! I loved it when I finished working on the course units and being able to go there and read about my colleagues, where they come from, what they like doing in their free time, etc. I used those two forums from day one until the very last day.


Our tutors were always very supportive before, during and after TPs, 24/7, always answering our questions, even during weekends, clearing our doubts and helping us move on when we were stuck in something.
After each live observation, our tutors had a very detailed list of things both to praise and to help us improve. My favourite things about having them observing is that even if you thought it was not your best TP, you know your tutors were not only going to tell you what to work on but also how to do it.

Video Observations

One of my favourite things about the video observations of experienced teachers was being able to watch them as I saw fit during the day -which also meant I was not tired after TPs or a long input session, so I could really focus on what the teachers were doing. Another thing that was extremely useful was having all the observation task templates available on the Moodle so I could focus on the areas I had to work on while observing them.

After the course

I feel ready and I can´t wait for quarantine to be over and put into action all the things my tutors have taught me throughout the course!

I´ve already recommended it to two of my colleagues!

Maria Pilar Capaul

It was a great experience!

celta online reviews

Review for Bournemouth (Winton), UK

It was a great experience: the course is well-structured and logical, tutors love their work, give you knowledge, support and inspiration. Everything was perfect!

The Online format for teaching and studying wasn’t new for me, so it wasn’t a problem. We used Zoom to have calls and ActivInspire as interactive whiteboards – both are easy to use and it didn’t take much time to get used to them.

The Online teaching practice was engaging both for students and future teachers. Despite being in different countries we bonded well and worked effectively. On the plus side is the opportunity to take the course in any school you want – for me it was a blessing as otherwise I wouldn’t be able to choose Bournemouth (Winton) and study there so easily. And I’m really happy that I chose the school! It allowed us to have a truly international group! The only disadvantage – we didn’t have a farewell party as it usually happens when everyone is at the centre.

I highly recommend taking the course at Bournemouth (Winton) as the tutor can not only teach but also inspire!

Anna Shastak


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