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It exceeded expectation

Review for Cairo, Egypt

When reflecting on my CELTA course, I’d have to stress that it exceeded expectation. I was a bit dubious about the online process. However, with outstanding tutors such as Phil and David I felt more secure about the course being solely administered online. I learned a lot of technical terms that wasn’t ascertained in my 8 years in the ELT field. Input along with the experienced teacher observations and activities kept the course interesting and engaging. The references were a wealth of knowledge and provided so much incite. The tutors were professional, knowledgeable, patient and extremely punctual especially when it came to starting lessons as well as responding to questions and concerns. They were the very opposite of cavalier.

Jordell Bynum

Overall it was an unforgettable experience

Review for Cairo, Egypt 

It is hard to describe how it feels during the intensive course. I felt it was hard to do the assignments but once I start doing one, I went step by step till I finished. I felt a bit nervous during the Teaching Practice sessions due to being watched and I knew that every word I said was monitored and to be commented on if it was not the best one. The most effective part was the feedback sessions. It helped me to improve my teaching. I want to thank our tutors Paul and Amanda, They are the best.

Overall it was an unforgettable experience.

Mohamed Omara

Great experience!

Review for Cairo, Egypt

Great experience! A lot of hard work, but it was worth it!

David W. Deeds

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