Online CELTA via Oviedo, Spain – relaxed pace and flexible

Wednesday 13th January 2021

Online CELTA via Oviedo, Spain – relaxed pace and flexible

  Online CELTA via Oviedo, Spain – relaxed pace and flexible! The north of Spain is the less well-known half of the country, but there…


Online CELTA via Oviedo, Spain – relaxed pace and flexible!

The north of Spain is the less well-known half of the country, but there is much to admire about this hard-working, friendly, and idyllic part of the world. Oviedo, situated in the heart of the Asturias, carries all of these characteristics. And with this, the CELTA location in Oviedo has worked hard to provide you with a relaxed pace, enjoyable online CELTA, with flexibility as well as time to consolidate your learning too.

The online CELTA via Oviedo is an ideal way to start your English language teaching journey, or to get formal training for those looking to strengthen their ELT skills and job opportunities. It can also be done from anywhere in the world! Find out the different 2021 dates and time for the online CELTA via Ovideo, Spain!

So why take the online CELTA with Oviedo?

  • The course is at a relaxed pace, longer than many other locations; 6 weeks for the full-time programme and 12 weeks for the part-time course
  • This additional time allows for more planning, more reading, and less stress and time pressure. It also helps all trainees to achieve their full potential from the CELTA
  • Flexibility: Oviedo will do its best to match your needs as a CELTA trainee
  • This extra consolidation of knowledge and practice will put you in a better place when applying for jobs
  • Excellent job opportunities (see below)
  • A free two-week bonus face-to-face Teaching Practice scheme offered to all candidates when the pandemic is over (this offer will also be for those taking the face-to-face course when it is available)
  • Excellent teaching support ensures all CELTA trainees get support with lesson planning, with the opportunity for candidates to teach the 6 compulsory hours in eight 45-minute slots and at least one additional unassessed slot for more practice.

I’m not a technology expert, will this be a problem for the online CELTA via Oviedo?

All you need is a good, reliable internet connection, a quiet room, and a reasonably decent laptop. You won’t need any special IT or technology skills and the tutors and team at Oviedo will be able to support you with any technical items related to the course. Apart from being online, the CELTA will be the same as in a face-to-face course in a physical classroom. The tutors will show you how you an use technology to enhance your English teaching skills. And don’t worry, there will be plenty of time for you to be able to get up to speed with any technology and become comfortable!

August – return of the face-to-face CELTA in Oviedo!

For those of you who are looking forward to being able to take a face-to-face CELTA, Oviedo will have a face-to-face CELTA programme returning in August. So look out for this, with a chance for you to explore the city and Asturias in general, one of Spain’s hidden gems!

Oviedo and Asturias – job opportunities after completing your CELTA

Worried about getting work after successfully completing your CELTA? Once you have got your visa for Spain, Asturias is a province with great job opportunities. Normally the need for teachers is much higher than the number of CELTA graduates which guarantees 100% employment opportunities.

Doing a CELTA is already a synonym of excellence, but in Asturias a strong network a good letter of recommendation following the course can do wonders, as well.

The Oviedo location acts as a referrer for all the language schools in the area and the only problem is having enough CELTA graduates to recommend! It has always been the case that 100% of trainees with a visa completing a part-time course in the first quarter of the year or an intensive programme in the summer, will get a job in Asturias!

Applying for the CELTA via Oviedo…

Applying is easy through our online application form or via our page with more details about the Oviedo centre and upcoming dates. Make sure you set aside 10 minutes of your own time and then a member of the StudyCELTA team will be in contact with you about the next steps.

Follow this link to find English teaching jobs for CELTA qualified teachers.

More ways to Prepare for your CELTA Course!

Are you looking to prepare for your CELTA? Do you want to brush-up on your grammar before the course? Are you interested in the methodology that you will be introduced to on the course?

Take a look at the Pre-CELTA Bundle via our friends at ELTCampus. An online course which will enhance your confidence before starting the CELTA and give you a leg-up on the course content, so you can pass the CELTA with flying colours. Now with bonus online CELTA content!

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