Online CELTA via Oviedo, Spain: An interview with CELTA tutor Milada Krajewska

Oviedo, the capital of the Asturias region in the north of Spain, is a great online CELTA choice. The Oviedo online CELTA offers great value,…

Oviedo, the capital of the Asturias region in the north of Spain, is a great online CELTA choice. The Oviedo online CELTA offers great value, with excellent tutors, a manageable pace, first class support and tempting special offers. We chatted with Oviedo CELTA tutor Milada Krajewska to find out more about this excellent option

You have a number of special offers (for example the Bring a Friend Discount). Tell us more about these.

Yes, we realize that the CELTA course is a significant investment in your future. That is why our course fee, at EUR 1350, is all-inclusive (no extra costs for the participants) and we do not charge extra for the interview. Everyone can save EUR 120 if they apply early and pay the full week 4 weeks ahead of the course start date. This allows us to fill the groups and confirm courses earlier. If you can’t apply early, you can still save EUR 120 with our Bring a Friend offer – encourage a friend of yours, an acquaintance, or your partner to apply with you, and – if accepted – each of you pays EUR 1230.

What is the best thing about the Oviedo online CELTA course?

The best thing is the quality of the learning experience, the manageable pace, and how incredibly proud you feel of your personal achievement on the final day of the course. Geographically, we may be miles and miles apart, but we feel like we are all sitting and chatting in the same CELTA room. The online team experience is key in Oviedo. And we tutors are human first and teachers second. And we are tutors third. Yes, in this order. We believe that only happy teachers can be good teachers.

Importantly, we don’t use platforms or pre-recorded sessions. All our input sessions are live and happen in real-time. We thrive on conversation and interaction. With the local team of tutors, we are all on the same page.

As for the experience, the memories made and friendships forged during the Oviedo course will always bring a heart-warming smile to your face, with a sense of genuine achievement in your heart. You will feel proud of yourself and how much you have learned and changed. The CELTA journey may have its ups and downs but you leave it as the winner. Our tutors can guarantee that every single teacher who completes the course understands how to plan effective and engaging lessons. And every single teacher will leave, carrying a toolbox packed with practical techniques and ideas.

We also embrace diversity – we know how to ignite highly experienced teachers and complete newbies to motivate each other to shine in the classroom.

What is the teaching support like on the Oviedo course?

Bountiful, comforting, customized to individual needs, and liberating. We believe that every teacher can discover all the right answers if guided gently. Let me tell you about what our CELTA graduates appreciate the most, based on the end-of-course surveys. The absolute number one is Guided Lesson Planning. We have time for you when you prepare for your lesson. We meet one-to-one and you walk us through the ideas you have for the lesson, you ask your questions, and you share your doubts. You leave with a clear vision of how to continue planning on your own.

Number two is the design of the learning experience. We have customized this course fully to the online mode of delivery and how people learn online. The sequence of workshops and lesson observations is synched up with the lessons you teach so before you start planning, you can imagine what kind of lesson you will be teaching next. All the pieces fall together and you know how your self-study tasks contribute to your immediate classroom success.

Number three is the feedforward you get from tutors and fellow teachers and how useful it is in making steady progress. We offer useful tips on how to teach better and it makes our hearts sing when we see how independent and confident our CELTA trainees are in their final lesson of the course.

Will trainees get support finding jobs for when they finish the CELTA course?

We have input and Q&A sessions where teachers can find out more about where to look for a job, how to prepare for the recruitment journey, and how to further tap into their potential: find their niche, expand their network, and get more paid experience. Every graduate gets access to the Magic Folder with useful information, which is constantly updated with new job offers and teacher development programs. Most importantly, we keep our WhatsApp Chat Group alive when the course is over and we are happy to help teachers reach their goals. Recently, one of our CELTA graduates was putting out his e-book with resources and we put him in touch with other graduates from earlier courses, which resulted in a great collaboration.

Will I be prepared for teaching face-to-face as well as online if I take the Oviedo online course?

Our tutors all conducted face-to-face courses before the CELTA courses with online TP took off during the pandemic. We know the ropes and sail comfortably in both oceans. With every single workshop, Guided Lesson Planning session, and post- Teaching Practice discussion, we show you how the online experience compares to the face-to-face session. We have workshops dedicated to face-to-face teaching. You observe several face-to-face lessons on video. You get as close to the actual face-to-face experience as you can do the online course.

Would we recommend the online format to all? No. If you genuinely struggle with technology and/or don’t want to teach online in the future, choose a face-to-face course. If you feel uneasy thinking about standing in front of a group of students in a physical classroom and you know that this will be your main teaching context in the future, take the face-to-face course to overcome this fear of facing and being around students in a physical space.

But (and it is a pregnant but!) go for the online course with us without thinking twice if:

  • you have a strong incentive to teach online – mainly or only
  • you want to add teaching online to your current face-to-face teaching career, or completely redirect to remote work
  • you are already teaching face-to-face and you want to make your online lessons similarly engaging and effective
  • you are already teaching face-to-face or online and you are tired of winging it or you need a robust toolbox of teaching tools

In a nutshell: If you have never taught face-to-face (and online), in the online CELTA course in Oviedo, you will learn how to feel fully comfortable on Zoom and what to do in the face-to-face classroom. If you have some face-to-face teaching experience under your belt, choose the online CELTA. You save money but you also learn how to manage and engage students online, which the face-to-face course won’t give you.

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