Florence CELTA tutors advise on the CELTA online and face-to-face via Tuscany!

Florence is one of the most beautiful and iconic cities in the world, home of Leonardo da Vinci, Dante Alighieri and the Medici Family. And…

Florence is one of the most beautiful and iconic cities in the world, home of Leonardo da Vinci, Dante Alighieri and the Medici Family. And you can join these illustrious names by taking your CELTA and becoming a qualified English teacher via this iconic Italian location!

You can take your CELTA online part-time or face-to-face full-time via Florence. The online part-time course is a 10-week course with Teaching Practice on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (Italy time), with courses starting in April, June and October. The online CELTA is great value in particular, just €1,245 for the online part-time CELTA (early bird price).

If you prefer, you can take the four-week face-to-face CELTA in the heart of Florence, Tuscany. The CELTA in Florence has course start dates at the end of May and in September.

Preparation, careers and course pass rate

It’s also worth noting that the Florence courses include a FREE ELTcampus CELTA Preparation Bundle Online Course (worth €100) and a complementary careers workshop.

The Florence CELTA courses have all had a 100% pass rate CELTA students so far. This excellent achievement has been due to the rigorous application process, hard-working students and perhaps, most importantly, the high quality of the CELTA course tutors for both the online and face-to-face CELTA courses. The tutors for the online CELTA and face-to-face CELTA courses have decades of experience collectively and are friendly and highly knowledgeable.

CELTA course Florence Tutor - Cansu Akan

Florence CELTA online Main Course Tutor Cansu Akan explains the benefits of an online CELTA:

“Online trainees receive the very same certificate as face-to-face trainees and it is the same course. The CELTA Online is convenient: trainees can follow the course anywhere. It is also a good option to reduce accommodation and travel costs. The course is flexible: trainees can organize their time and schedule according to their family or work commitments. It is ideal for autonomous learners who take responsibility for their own learning. And finally, it is also collaborative, as there is a continuous interaction with the course tutor and other course participants in forums and synchronous online sessions.”

So, do candidates need to be really computer literate to do the online CELTA? Cansu explains:

“The trainees don’t have to be tech-guru to take the online course. They just need a stable internet connection, some very basic understanding of MS Office (Word and PowerPoint). If they haven’t taught online or used Zoom or PowerPoint, no problem at all as in the beginning of the course, we hold an orientation session to demonstrate the use of these tools and give them a chance to explore them. We also provide them with further tutorials and guides.”

What will the support be like if I do my CELTA online via Florence?

“Very often, the trainees worry about not being able to see the trainers and other trainees before beginning the course. However, rest assured that so far, the trainees have rated the guidance and support they received very highly in an online course. In all CELTA courses, the candidates receive continuous support and guidance from the trainers and online CELTA is no exception. The online Course Tutor communicates the weekly tasks at the beginning of each week, monitors and moderates the forum discussions every day, helps with deadlines and personal queries, holds synchronous sessions for further input and questions trainees have and gives individual online lesson planning guidance – pretty much the same guidance one receives in a face-to-face course.”

Where are the Teaching Practice students and Florence CELTA trainees from?

“From all parts of the world really. We have had trainees taking the course from mainland Europe, Ireland and the UK as well as farther parts of the world like Brazil, Canada, the US, Kuwait or Lebanon. The same is true for the Teaching Practice learners. We have a quite a mixture of learner group providing great opportunities for trainees to teach in a multi-cultural and multi-lingual setting. They teach learners from Italy, Germany, Ukraine, Turkey, Indonesia, India, Brazil, Spain and so on.”

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CELTA course Florence Tutor - Louis Grech

Florence CELTA face-to-face Course Tutor Louis Grech explains the value of having a CELTA:

“The CELTA is not a course – it’s an experience. The course was originally designed for novice teachers or experienced teachers with no formal training; it has over the years become the most prestigious and widely recognised initial teacher training qualification in the world. Obtaining the CELTA certificate is a challenging but worthwhile achievement as it opens doors and allows you to ‘land’ teaching jobs in reputable schools worldwide.”

And what about job opportunities after the CELTA? Louis explains:

“The CELTA, a level 5 qualification, is your passport to the EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teaching world. Job prospects just multiply if you complete the course successfully. The Florence centre will guide you towards job opportunities and encourage you to upskill your teaching qualification. In fact, we encourage trainees to think about doing the DELTA after about 2 years of regular teaching. The DELTA is a Level 7 qualification that allows you to become a Director of Studies or Academic Manager in reputable schools…but that’s another story.”

CELTA course Florence Tutor - Jean Sciberras

Fellow face-to-face Course Tutor at the Florence centre, Jean Sciberras, explains about the benefits of taking the CELTA in the Florence centre itself:

“The school couldn’t be located in a better place. It is only 10 minutes away from the Duomo. I found it amazing to pass from in front of the cathedral every morning and evening on my way to and from school. Just round the corner from the school the street is alive with restaurants and takeaways. The choice is endless.”

Jean also enthuses about the city as a whole:

Florence is an awesome place. Although the CELTA is demanding both on the trainees and the trainers you couldn’t not stop for an ice cream or Aperol Spritz on the way home. Ideally one gets to Florence 2 or 3 days before and stay another 2 days after the course to get the feeling of Florence and become familiar with this wonderful city. There are 4 weekends and I advise trainees to take one day off a week to visit Florence or nearby places like Fiesole, Lucca or Arezzo.”

Apply to take the CELTA online or face-to-face via Florence, Italy today!

So, whether it is the online part-time CELTA or the face-to-face CELTA course, Florence has a wealth of reasons for you to choose it! If you are looking to start an exciting career where you can teach around the world, the CELTA course via Florence, Italy is a great place to start!

You can apply for the CELTA through our online form. There are no application fees and the form form usually takes five to 15 minutes to complete.

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