Teaching Adults:
Pre-CELTA Preparation

Looking to prepare for the CELTA course?

A simple introduction to key teaching methods that are used in English language teaching today. (17 + hours)

  • Insights into the key teaching methodologies
  • A grammar refresher and language awareness course
  • Access to teacher development resource library and a tutor to answer your questions
  • Learn about the basic notions and methodologies that drive language teaching today, refresh your grammar, and awaken your language awareness.

This Online Course Includes:

Six modules + bonus material for teaching online + tutor present to answer any questions.
(Modules can also be purchased individually)

Teaching English to Young Learners

New to teaching children and teens?

If you have never taught children or teens before, it can be a daunting idea. That's why the team at ELTcampus put this course together. Written by experts, find out how to think effectively, prepare effectively, react effectively, and transform your classroom!

  • What are the characteristics of young learners and teens? What do they need from us?
  • How do children learn to listen and speak, read, or write, and how does this development in adolescence?
  • What effect does this have on teaching children a second (or other language) such as English?
  • How do we manage the classroom?
  • How do we plan lessons for children and teens? What do we need to consider?

The Course Mega-Bundle Includes:

Nine Modules + Bonus Material + Experienced English teacher and trainer as your tutor, always there to answer your questions.

Courses individually cost around £35. Buy them as a bundle for £125 with full payment or installment options.

Teaching English with Creativity

Picturebooks, storytelling, and children's literature

Storytelling is powerful. It covers many emotions and life situations that we can help children explore. It is an important part of a child's social, emotional, and language development.

  • This course is aimed at teachers working with children.
  • We consider criteria you can use to select appropriate picture books for storytelling
  • Approaches, ideas, and tips for using storytelling in your classroom.
  • A taster of some of the content adapted from our Young Learners course.

These Free Online Courses Include:

Six lessons emailed to you directly + experienced English teacher and trainer to answer your questions.

FREE. Sweet!

The online personal development courses are self-paced and can be done in your own time.
All courses come with tutor support, only an email or chat thread away,
or organise a live meeting and speak in person!

pre celta preparation for teaching English

Pre CELTA Preparation
Online Course  Bundle

“I found the course extremely useful, and I feel more confident about completing the CELTA certification. I have been doing some preparation for understanding English grammar but completing this pre-CELTA course helped me understand the mindset I need towards teaching.”

– Alana, Student (ELTCampus Pre-CELTA Course Bundle)

how to teach English to children online courses for teaching English

Teaching English to
Children & Teens
Online Course Bundle

“The understanding of tasks, why we use them, how to engage the young learners, as well as how to provide a positive teaching environment, is what I wanted to learn. I feel that this course has given me that. Thank you!”

– Caroline, Student (ELTCampus Young Learner Course Bundle)

free courses for teaching English

Free Online Course Teaching English Through Storytelling

“Drama, creativity, plays, and performance is a very creative way to introduce YLs to the practice of real English. It’s complete in the sense that the course shows you how to consider the English language as a whole system to be taught and learned.”

– Jaime, Student (ELTCampus Storytelling Course)

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