What is the Cambridge Delta Course?

What is the Delta Certificate?

The Delta is a diploma that specialises in Teaching in as a Foreign Language and is accredited by Cambridge English Assessment. 

The qualification is for experienced EFL teachers who want to progress their careers and develop into more senior roles.

In the UK, it is a level 7 qualification (recognised by Ofqual), which is equivalent to a Masters degree.

Alike to the CELTA, Delta is internationally recognised and is often seen as a benchmark for quality. 

The Delta qualification is comprised of three modules: a written exam, reflective teaching practice, and a research paper and is recognised around language schools, organisations, and universities worldwide.

The qualification is ideal for EFL teachers who wish to develop their careers and deepen their teaching knowledge, so they can be experts in their fields.

Deepen Your Understanding and Love What You Do!

The benefits of taking a Delta are:

  1. A deeper understanding of English language teaching 
  2. Access to more senior jobs such as Heads of Departments, CELTA Tutors, CELTA Assessors, Course Creators, and TEFL Authors
  3. Improvement in classroom performance
  4. Confidence in your teaching practices
  5. Demonstrating a commitment to your craft
  6. A better salary 
What are the benefits of the Cambridge Delta Course?

Delta is a course that instills confidence. It teaches you what teaching methods are effective and why they are effective. The Delta gives students an authority and understanding that pre-Delta teachers don’t tend to have.

The Delta Modules: Let us break it down for you...

Delta Module 1 Information

Delta Module One

The Delta Module One is a preparatory course for a long-written exam.

It covers teaching methodologies, language concepts, specific terminology, and learner skills and problems.

Delta Module One exams take place in June and December of every year. 

This course can be taken online or in the classroom. 

Delta Module 2 Information

Delta Module Two

The Delta Module 2 is centred around developing your professional practice.

You are assessed through a portfolio of coursework including lesson observations. 

The Delta Module 2 is normally classroom-based, although there are online options. 

Delta Module 2 Information

Delta Module 3

There are two different options to take with the Delta Module 3.

  • Option One: An independent investigation, which leads to the design of a course programme.
  • Option Two: An independent situation analysis, leading to the design of a change proposal looking at an area of management.

Delta Module 3 can be taken online or in the classroom.

You can take the modules in any order. It does not have to be chronological!

What are the entry requirements for the Delta?

Most centres will look for candidates who meet these requirements:

  • 20 years old and educated to degree level
  • One year of full-time ESL teaching experience to a variety of age groups and language levels
  • An ability to demonstrate a high understanding of the English language as well as principles of English language teaching
  • A CELTA or equivalent is preferred although teaching experience can be considered instead

Delta Courses: The Different Formats

Full Time Delta

Full-time Delta

The intensive way of completing the Delta, which can be done within 8 - 12 weeks if you can have the time off and fully commit.

Full-time Deltas are intensive and we recommend to check the timetable before committing.

Part Time Delta

Part-time Delta

Part time Delta courses can take anywhere from 6 months to one year, depending on the course provider.

Part-time courses are better taken if you are still working, although we advise this if you are only working 15 – 18 hours per week.

Online Delta

Online Delta

You can take the Delta module one and the Delta module three online.

The Online modules are more flexible although there will be scheduled zoom lessons and meetings with your tutor.

Find out more about the online Delta here.

Reasons to do a Delta

Should I take the Delta?

That really depends on you. You should ask yourself these questions: 

  • Am I serious about a career in English Language Teaching?
  • Do I want to climb the career ladder? 
  • Do I want to build on my ELT skills and knowledge?
  • Do I want to move from “regular” classroom teaching and into roles such as course management?

If the answer is yes, take a look at our Delta courses in our course calendar to find an option that will suit you. 

Is the Delta equivalent to a degree?

The Delta is a level seven certificate in the UK (on the Regulated Qualification Framework RFQ). This is the equivalent level to a Master’s degree.

Can I take a Delta without a CELTA?

Most Delta courses do not require a CELTA to gain admittance but it substantially helps your application if you do have one. Most schools will take into consideration your teaching experience and how you perform on the application. 

Be wary, there are a minority of schools who are strict and only look for candidates with a CELTA qualification (or equivalent). If you would like more guidance on this, please get in touch with a StudyCELTA Advisor.

Do I need to complete all three Delta Modules to obtain a Delta?

Yes, you do need to complete all three modules. If you have completed one module, you are not bound to finishing the remaining two as you typically take one module at a time (unless the course provider is offering a Delta course bundle).

Most schools and organisations will want candidates who have completed all three modules (if you are applying for a job that asks for a Delta certificate).You receive a separate certificate for each module you complete. You receive the full DELTA qualification when you complete all three modules.

The grades awarded are:

  • Pass with Distinction
  • Pass with Merit
  • Pass
  • Fail

Do I have to take the Delta Module 1 exam with the Delta centre I am studying with?

It may be easier to take the exam with the Delta centre that you are taking the preparatory course with, however it is not a requirement. If there is a certified Delta examination centre local to you, you can take the exam there instead.

Do I need to take the Delta modules all at one centre?

No, you do not have to take all the module at a centre. As each modules are separate courses, you can take them at different centres, if you wish.

Do you need to complete the Delta module in order?

No, you don’t need to take the modules in order. You can start any of the modules first. Look at our range of Delta courses and see what times and dates will suit you.

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