CELTA via Valencia, Spain. The Spanish city that has it all

Valencia is a city of sun-kissed beaches, amazing food, buzzing street life, rich culture and plenty of history. There is so much that Valencia has…

Valencia is a city of sun-kissed beaches, amazing food, buzzing street life, rich culture and plenty of history. There is so much that Valencia has to offer. It is a wonderful place to get qualified to teach English as a Foreign Language. So we got in touch with Valencia CELTA course tutor Seamus Campbell to ask him about his experience and what it is like to take the Cambridge CELTA via this magnificent location…

Tell us a bit about your role and how you got into the English Language Teaching world

Many people just fall into ELT from other disciplines, but I was actually a trained secondary school French and English teacher in Ireland when I was offered the opportunity to work for a secondary school in Madrid for a year. As often happens in Spain people come for a year and end up staying longer. It turned out to be a lot longer in my case as it has been 30 years at the last count!  I have also had the opportunity to teach and train in Ireland, the UK, France and Egypt over the years.

What is Valencia like as a city for a CELTA trainee?

Valencia is such a nice sized Spanish city- not too big nor too small. It has so much to offer from beautiful old medieval quarter, to modern futurist architecture surrounded by the beach, mountains lakes. We follow a typical outdoor Mediterranean lifestyle and you can enjoy bars, al fresco dining as well as a host of outdoor sporting activities. I usually tell trainees to come a little early or stay a little later to enjoy what the city has to offer.

What is the centre location and its facilities like?

Our centre is perhaps one of the smaller CELTA centres around. Past graduates primarily praise the open and friendly atmosphere of the school and the fact that it provides an encouraging learning environment.  We offer the usual facilities such as study area, computer area, lending library. Trainees enjoy the outdoor courtyard and patio area for lunch, relaxing and discussing course work with their peers

We are located in the university area of the city, a stone’s throw from the beach by tram and the city centre is a seven-minute metro ride away.

What are the benefits of taking the CELTA and becoming CELTA-qualified?

Gone are the days that English teachers just stepped off the plane and walked into the classroom. Nowadays, schools demand a high standard of professional training from all members of staff. CELTA `provides this level training and it is always interesting, and indeed rewarding, to see how candidates can develop into such competent and confident teachers in such a short time.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to someone before starting the CELTA course?

Only one, really?  Like all in life, preparation is the key. We provide candidates with a self-study pack to review key grammar, lexical and phonological areas before you come. If I could offer an extra piece of advice to candidates on the course is to remain open minded and try out a variety of new approaches even if you are unfamiliar with them

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Is there anything that trainees should make sure they see/do while they are in Valencia?

Valencia is the home to that iconic Spanish dish, the paella. So a visit to El Palmar, village in the middle of the Albufera, coastal fresh water lagoon, is a must and a great day out. At night, the old quarter alive with bars and restaurants still retains its relaxed, old-world charm.

What is the ELT job market like for CELTA graduates in Valencia and Spain in general?

In Spain, proficiency in English is still a vital necessity for both university students and jobseekers alike and while the level of English language teaching has improved within the state system, private language schools provide a key service to the community. Teaching younger learners has remained the bread and butter of schools across the country. Furthermore, there are new opportunities in offering online classes both for locals and students further afield. As a result, teachers in Valencia and around the country in general tend now to be more flexible and teach in a variety of contexts.

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