Find Online CELTA Courses in African and European Timezones

CELTA fully Online Dates, Provider Location & Fees for Europe, Africa and Near Eastern Time Zones

These courses are fully online and do not require face-to-face attendance

Teaching practice with real students will be done online.
You will use two platforms that the school will advise you of.

Choosing an Online CELTA
Choosing an Online CELTA



CELTA fully Online for Europe and Africa

For the first time and for a limited period, the CELTA is now 100% Online. This is due to ongoing disruptions regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19). This means that you don’t have to put your teaching career on hold – you can take the CELTA from the safety of your own home!

These CELTA Centres in Europe are now accepting applications:

Why a CELTA fully Online through a Centre located within a European and African time zone

These courses will be ideal for applicants who reside in Europe or Africa. It’s important that you pick a time zone closest to you as you will need to be present during the Zoom teaching practice and input sessions. If you aren’t, it will have an implication on your grade, so make sure you are committing to a schedule that is best for your homelife.

What difference will the be with CELTA fully Online

The main difference is that your will complete the teaching practice via online using a video conferencing tool, such as Zoom. There will still be input and lesson planning sessions, which you will  do using Moodle and live sessions.

You will still be learning the same CELTA content and it is necessary for you to undertake a minimum of six hours of teaching practice, which will be assessed and moderated by a qualified CELTA Tutor. You will also need to complete four written assignments which need to be submitted by the end of the online CELTA course.

What are the benefits of taking the Online CELTA?

  • Accessibility: That means no more visa headaches or added costs with travel and accommodation. All you have to do is load up!
  • Flexibility: The Online CELTAs for Europe and Africa allow added flexibility because each centre has different timetables and schedules. From a mix of Moodle learning to being in a virtual classroom each day, you can pick what type of CELTA will suit your schedule.
  • Experience Online Teaching: The CELTA is traditionally taught in a classroom so you can understand the core principles and methodologies of teaching a live class. This will be no different except you will become familiar with the online tools that is needed to teach online! This added aspect to your CELTA course means that you have more flexibility when it comes to your career. If you want to find out more about Teaching English online see ELTcampus Support for Teaching English Online resources bundle

Will it say “online” on my CELTA Certificate?

No, just like CELTA Online Blended courses, your certificate will not reference where or how you took the CELTA. It notes that you have completed it and it will be awarded by Cambridge English Language Assessment (a part of the University of Cambridge).

What are the requirements for taking the CELTA fully Online?

The eligibility requirements are the same as taking a face-to-face CELTA. This includes:

  •  Education that allows you to enter higher education e.g. University (otherwise life experience can taken into account)
  •  A high English language and grammar awareness or a proficiency equivalent to an IELTS 7.5 or a high Cambridge C1
  •  Aged 18 or over

It’s also important that you have the following at home:

  • One laptop or desktop computer with headphones and a microphone
  • Good internet connection
  • A designated and comfortable working area

Apply for an Online CELTA for Europe and Africa

Three are a few steps to applying for a CELTA course.

First – make sure you have committed to a time zone that is suitable for you.
Second – clear 15 minutes of your schedule to fill out the initial application form.
Third – wait for a member of the StudyCELTA team to get in contact with you, confirming they have processed your application and sent you a pre-interview task. This shouldn’t take more than 24 hours (unless it’s a weekend) but do get in contact with us if it’s longer.

When you have completed your pre-interview task and sent it back to us, we will screen it and, if successful, you will get an invitation to an interview.

If you are interested in a course, please choose from the options above. If you want to see if you are eligible to apply for a Cambridge CELTA course certification, complete our CELTA Eligibility Test here.

If you need help finding a course contact one of our advisors here and they will be able to assist you in finding a suitable CELTA course. We have a wide variety of options available including Part-Time, Full-Time, Online Blended and fully Online CELTA Courses.

Find a TEFL Job after taking your online CELTA

As part of the course content, during your CELTA there is time to inform you about how, when, and where to look for work once you have completed the course. Furthermore, as a StudyCELTA trainee, you can sign up for free to our TEFL jobs website TEFLwork is a platform only for qualified English teachers. Through TEFLwork you will be able find work both at home and abroad. Online teaching positions are also available and teachers with a CELTA certificate are in high demand for these kind of roles.

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