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Bruno CELTA New Zealand

An Interview with Bruno Balducci – Main CELTA Tutor, Auckland

Bruno Balducci is the main course tutor at our CELTA teacher training centre in Auckland, New Zealand. Qualified with a Post-Graduate Certificate...

Steve Oakes CELTA Budapest

An Interview with Steve Oakes – Head of Teacher Training, Budapest

Steve Oakes is the Head of Teacher Training at the Centre in Budapest, Hungary. He arrived in Budapest back in 1991 and...

Will Dickerson CELTA New York

An Interview with Will Dickerson – Head of Teacher Training, New York City

Will Dickerson is the Head of Teacher Training in New York and has taught in four different countries so far thanks to his CELTA and Delta qualifications.

Chris Bunyan Head Teacher Training Bournemouth

An Interview with Chris Bunyan – Head of Teacher Training, Bournemouth (Winton)

Chris Bunyan is the Head of Teacher Training in Bournemouth and has taught in seven different countries so far thanks to his CELTA and Delta qualifications.

Amanda Momeni Emma Jones

An Interview with Amanda Momeni and Emma Jones

Amanda Momeni and Emma Jones are both successful CELTA tutors based in Munich, Germany. Having helped hundreds of trainees through...

Scott Thornbury

An Interview with Scott Thornbury

Scott Thornbury is a writer of many of the books recommended by our teacher trainers for the CELTA and Delta programmes. He also writes for many blogs...

Jeremy Harmer

An Interview with Jeremy Harmer

Popular ELT author and trainer, Jeremy Harmer was educated in the United Kingdom and graduated from the University of East Anglia with a BA Hons in...

Michael Swan TEFL Author

An Interview with Michael Swan

Earlier in 2015 I had the pleasure of hearing Michael Swan present at the ELT Conference in Barcelona. Being a language buff, I enjoyed listening to his...

Tony Penston

An Interview with Tony Penston

Tony Penston, author of “Essential Phonetics for English Language Teachers”, and “A Concise Grammar for English Language Teachers”...

Jim Scrivener

An Interview with Jim Scrivener

We talk with Jim Scrivener, two-time ESU Duke of Edinburgh Prize winner and three-time ELTon award-nominee, about an ESL teacher’s best skills...

Mary Grennan

An Interview with Mary Grennan – Head of Teacher Training in Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Mary Grennan is one of the most well-known faces in the TEFL industry. Spending her time between Europe and the Middle East, teaching CELTA and Delta...

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