Why Study CELTA San Diego

Why to take your CELTA course in San Diego

Why Study CELTA in San Diego

San Diego, located in Southern California, is a coastal city that is THE perfect location to take the CELTA course. And to prove this, I’ve come up with a list of activities for before, during and after your intensive CELTA course:

  • If it is possible and convenient to be in San Diego some time before the start of the course, there are a few things you might want to do or see beforehand. Situated between the beach and the mountains, if you’re feeling outdoorsy, this is the place for you.
  • Surfing has always been common in San Diego and it has surf for everyone, from the gentle sheltered breaks for beginners to the powerful swells for the more experienced. Even if you don’t fancy giving it a go this time around, the surf competitions are not to be missed with gravity-defying stunts.
  • Paddle boarding has recently become more popular – like a surfboard but bigger and sturdier and with a paddle to hold on for support too. A great way to work on your core whilst being on the water.
  • If you prefer to go further inland, there are some fantastic bike or hike trails if you’re up for the challenge. Of course with a picture perfect panoramic view of the city waiting for you at the top.
  • San Diego Zoo – one of the most famous and best zoos in America, it’s massive and has a wide variety of animals.

During the course, especially if you are taking the 4 week intensive course, you will have very little time to socialise or sight see! So why not:

  • Taste the Mexican cuisine. Have a quick fresh seafood taco on the beach to make the most of one of your breaks.
  • Have a stroll along the boardwalk of one of the beautiful beaches to clear your head.
  • Simply sit outside and enjoy the San Diego climate. San Diego boasts warm mild temperatures throughout the year – so whatever season you’re taking the CELTA course, you’re bound to get some sun.

After the course, trust me, number one on your list will be to relax and re-energise.

  • Go and visit some of the natural hot springs outside of the city – there are also so many resorts to choose from – some where you are even allowed to wear your bath robe to dinner! The epitome of R&R.
  • If you fancy something relaxed and contemplative, there are plenty of opportunities for beach yoga. And what a perfect way to unwind and de-stress after a busy CELTA course!
  • The San Diego film festival is scheduled this year for September 30th – October 4th. Which means the September CELTA course which ends October 2nd could be perfect for a post-course time out for the film fanatics among you. For more information visit http://www.sdfilmfest.com/
  • To end your stay in San Diego, you should try and fit in a visit to Sunset Cliffs, as suggested by its name, a very memorable place to witness a beautiful sunset.

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