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Chill Out and Take the CELTA in 5 Weeks

Chill out and take your CELTA in 5 weeks instead of 4 in the stunning region of Brittany, France

Chill out and take your CELTA in 5 weeks instead of 4 in the stunning region of Brittany, France. France, more specifically Brittany...

Is Australia the Next Best Place to Teach English

Is Australia the next best place to teach English?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the booming English teaching destinations are being forged in Asia and the Middle East, from Singapore and Taiwan...

Take Your CELTA During Edinburgh Festival

Kilts and Comedy: Take your CELTA during Edinburgh Festival Season

Throughout the month of August the population almost doubles – from 700,000 to over 1.5 million with the Edinburgh Festival....

Bournemouth Coast Beach

6 Reasons to take your CELTA or Delta in Bournemouth!

The UK has just had its hottest July day ever (36.7 c) and if you are thinking of doing CELTA this summer, Bournemouth is the perfect coastal location...

CELTA in Beirut

CELTA in Beirut, the ‘Wild Child’ of the Middle East

Perched on the med and surrounded by the dramatic backdrop of the towering Lebanon Mountains...

Employment Opportunities Mexico

Excellent Employment Opportunities Mexico Post-CELTA

Other than being a fantastic city to study in and explore (and enjoy tacos and tequila!), the...

10 Reasons to Love Istanbul

10 Reasons to Love Istanbul

The Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Latin and Ottoman Empires: Four empires in which Istanbul has played a major role pulling together East and West...

Why Study CELTA San Diego

Why to take your CELTA course in San Diego

San Diego, located in Southern California, is a coastal city that is THE perfect location to take the CELTA course. And to prove this, I've...

See You in Strasbourg CELTA

See you in Strasbourg!

Jane Ryder, the Head of Teacher Training and Director of the Strasbourg Centre shares some inside knowledge on Strasbourg, a lesser known European...

Ouessant Boat

The Island of Ouessant

The island of Ouessant is a neighbouring island in the archipelago off of Brittany (Brest in Brittany is where we are now offering the CELTA...

Beach Batz

The Island of Batz

As well as the Island of Ouessant being a great trip away to take your mind off any stresses from the CELTA course in Brest, Brittany, you might also...

Cosmopolitan City Down Under Wellington

Wellington, New Zealand – A cosmopolitan city down under

One of our very own gives us the lowdown on the tastes and smells of Wellington...

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