Teaching English University Devon

Four Steps to Working Abroad After University – Starting in Devon

Whether it’s a gap year or permanent career, here’s why Torbay, in Devon, is the best launch pad into teaching and working abroad after university.

Torbay is Best

Forget the Weekend Trip, Here’s Why Torbay is Best for a Month-Long Stint

Four weeks, three ways; you’ll never run out of things to do in the buzzing coastal region of Torbay, in Devon, during a month-long visit.

Why you need to move to Sliema, Malta

Why you need to move to Sliema, Malta (before everybody else does)

Once a holiday haven for retired British tourists, the coastal town of Sliema, Malta, has recently enjoyed a huge cultural revival: making it the next big place for...

The 5 Best TEFL Locations for New English Teachers

The 5 Best TEFL Locations for New English Teachers

Fresh out of your TEFL course, the English teaching world is your oyster. We look at some of the best locations to start your career as a new English teacher.

Auckland City Skyline

4 Reasons Why Auckland is the Cultural Gateway to Asia and the Pacific

When you think of the world’s most multicultural cities, places like London; with its colourful Notting Hill carnival, or New York;

Five Ways to Explore Budapest Underground Scene

Five ways to Explore Budapest’s Cool Underground Scene

Grandiose architecture and socialist-realism style statues, mixed with hip, underground bars and arts festivals...

New York for a Month on the Cheap

How to Live in New York for a Month on the Cheap

3 ways to spend 30 days living in New York City without blowing your budget...

4 reasons to take your CELTA course in Seville

4 Reasons to Take a TEFL Course in Seville

If you’re thinking of doing a CELTA or Delta, here’s why you should take your TEFL course in Seville, Spain. Seville is a city with one foot set in the...

Why Bournemouth Comes Alive in Autumn

Why Bournemouth Comes Alive in Autumn

Outside of the summer months is the best time to live and study in Bournemouth. Here's why. It’s chilly on the pier. The October wind whips white foam...

Why Valencia is Spain's best kept TEFL secret

Why Valencia is Spain’s best-kept TEFL secret

If you draw a right angle between Madrid and Barcelona, straight out west to its Mediterranean coast..

Life as a female English teacher in Saudi Arabia

Life as a Female English Teacher in Saudi Arabia

It’s like any other day. As the sun slowly rises, so too do the residents of the town...

New Zealand a Colourful Tapestry of Career Opportunity

New Zealand: A Colourful Tapestry of Career Opportunity

Looking out over the ocean from New Zealand’s east coast you get the sensation that you’re perched on a wild frontier. Between here and South America...

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